Dangerous Love

The Good Girl: Jesy (Pronounced Jezzy) Noble. Best and might I say loyal friend to her roommate Eleanor Calder. But when Eleanor introduces Jesy to teen heartthrob Harry Styles, it's like love at first sight. But will Jesy be able to ignore all the hate the Directioners send her?

The Sweetheart: Harry Styles. World famous boy and member. He's the boy every guy wants to be and every girl wants to be with. When he meets Jesy his life is turned upside down as he falls head over heels in love with her. But will he be able to protect her from all the hate she gets?


4. Cap Sleeved Dress

*Jesy's POV*

"We should probably get back to that lunch, yeah?" I giggled and leaned into him.

"Yeah..." He blushed and looked down at me before leading me back to the kitchen where we found Niall eating.

"Niall....." Harry groaned.

"Oh. I'm so sorry! I-I didn't know...I was just so hungry and—" 

"Niall. It's fine. Go ahead and eat. You looked starved." I grabbed Harry and I's wine glasses an headed to the couch.

"Wanna watch a movie?" I suggested.

"Um....yeah!" Harry joked and pulled 'The Avengers' out of his back pocket.

I rolled my eyes and shoved him playfully. 

After popping it into the DVD player, he joined me on the couch and pulled me by my waist closer to him. I wrapped us up in a blanket as I laid my head on his chest.

Halfway through the movie, I felt my eyelids growing heavy and I drifted off to dreamland.

"Goodnight princess." I heard Harry whisper and kiss my forehead.

That next morning I woke up with a killer headache. I wasn't hung over, I'm just one of those people who gets random headaches at random times. 

After popping some Ibuprofen into my mouth, I untangled myself from Harry's body on the couch. Deciding not to change, I took off yesterday's clothes and slipped on Harry's Rolling Stones tee, cinched it with his belt at the waist and shuffled into the kitchen to make us some breakfast. Funny. When did Harry take his shirt and pants off?

After that was done, I set our plates and juice on a small wooden tray and set it down on the coffee table in front of the couch. 

"Good morning Harry." I shook him lightly.

"You look good in my clothes." He mumbled when he opened his eyes.

"I know." I struck a weird pose and made a fish face.

"Please. Not that face! It's even worse than....." Harry trailed off for a moment then faux-shuddered.

"I know what you're thinking. And yes I agree with you. It is way worse." I laughed and sat next to him, handing him a plate.

"So.....what are you doing for your first day of spring holiday?" 

"I don't really know. Haven't thought about it." I admitted.

"How about.......shopping?" He suggested.

"Shopping? Never in a million years would I ever imagine Harry Styles wanting to go shop—wait a second....I know what's going on here... " I eyed Harry and he shifted nervously in his seat.

"What.....?" Harry tried to sound clueless.

"You want me to go shopping so you can buy everything for me!" I poked his nose.

"What?! No I'm not! Okay so maybe I am." He blushed.

"I don't care if you buy me things, as long as you let me buy you things in return!" 

"Finally! A girl that lets me buy her things!" Harry fist-pumped like e was on Jersey Shore.

I rolled my eyes playfully and snickered at his childish behavior.

"Well what are you waiting for? Lets go." I whined, tugging on his arm.

"I need a shirt." He laughed.

I looked down at his tee, then took it and his belt off, tossing him both.

"Be right back!" I shouted on my way to my room.

I walked into my closet and picked out a pair of black leather leggings, a loose and flowy turquoise tunic-tank with gold studs on the shoulders, and my white Havianna's. 

"Let's go!" I hooked my winter white Juicy 'Rock The Bag' tote over my shoulder and walked out to his car.

"What stores first?" He asked, buckling his seatbelt.

"Juicy Couture, Prada, Charlotte Russe, aaaaannnd American Eagle. Oh! And Jack Wills." I listed.

"Wow. Prada, Juicy and Jack Wills? Rich girl eh?" He chuckled lightly.

"I need some new dresses and blazers and those stores are the best. And yes I do come from money." I said, whilst interlocking our fingers.

"Okay....whatever...." Harry said sarcastically.

I giggled and he tightened his grip on my hand.

We drove for a few mo's (British slang for moments) until Haz pulled into a lot. We hit Jack wills first because he wanted some new chinos.

"Awwww! Haz! Look at this dress! It's so cute!" I held up a flirty floral mini dress with white cap sleeves and a Peter Pan collar.

"It's on me." He smiled. "Go try it on."

After slipping it over my head, I adjusted it and zipped it up myself.

"What do you think?" I asked, twirling around to the bottom would flare out.

"Pretty. Just. Like. You." Harry slowly walked up to me.

Our faces were literally centimeters apart. He turned his head to the right and so did I. He leaned in and I followed until his lips crashed down upon mine and I had my arms wrapped around his neck. After about a minute or so of snogging, we both came up for air.

"That....was....um...." Harry tried.

"Sweet. Passionate. AWESOME?!" I suggested.

"All of the above." He ran his hand through his messy curls.

"I better go get this dress off." I smiled slightly.

I quickly changed and handed the dress to Harry who had two black pairs of chinos in his hands. We swapped clothes and paid for each other. 

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