Long Run

I had it all, a rich family, an adorable boyfriend, and a baby on the way. But that was ruined all by that awful person...... I never want to see him again.


1. Prom Night

           I stepped out of the limo, my dress fell out of the car and down to my feet, falling perfectly around my body. ( http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_46/set?id=89019619 ) My small baby bump showed  just a little, but that was okay, everyone already knew I was pregnant, even my parents. My boyfriend cared he said he was never going to leave me, and I believed him. I felt him step out behind me, and grab onto my hand. He started to walk to the entrance but I stayed put. He looked back at me giving me a reassuring smile, that's all I needed to get myself moving. I walked with him up to the door, and as soon as we opened it up we could already feel our eardrums vibrating from the loud music. He dragged me out to the dance floor, and as we arrived a slow song began to play. He took me into his arms, and helped me glide around with him. After a few more songs I decided I needed a restroom break. I quietly excused myself and made my way to the bathroom. It took me a good 10 minutes just to pee thanks to the dress, and another minute to wash my hands. When I came out I looked around then started to make my way through the winding halls, back to the gym. I turned a corner and saw a couple making out, as I looked closer I saw him my boyfriend making out with Missy Brooks the cheer captain. "Niall?"  I asked slowly. He turned around bewilderment in his eyes. "May?" He whisper breathed. "What the hell?" I yelled. He cringed at my yelling. "You weren't supposed to see that" He said stepping closer to me. I backed away. "Really?" I yelled throwing the promise ring he'd given to me at him. "Forever, Eh?" I asked as I turned and ran the other way. I bunched my dress into one of my hands and held my child with the other. I ran until I reached my house, when I got into it I balled my eyes out for a good three hours before I sat up yanked my purse off the night-side table and sat down at the computer. I bought a plane ticket to America. And i also bought a house in California, I was leaving Ireland tonight. 

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