Long Run

I had it all, a rich family, an adorable boyfriend, and a baby on the way. But that was ruined all by that awful person...... I never want to see him again.


2. Good-Bye

             I threw all of my clothes into bags, I left a lot behind. I didn't need the memories. I dressed into something comfortable, leaving my dress on the floor, I certainly was not going to bring that thing. ( what she is wearing http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_47/set?id=89020697 ) I said goodbye to my grandma and headed out the door. As soon as the plane took off I called my mum, told her I was coming home, she sounded excited. I laughed but had tears in my eyes I said goodbye to her, then decided it was a good time for a nap. As I got off the plane I saw my mother running at me, "MUM" I cried as she got closer. "Ooh iv'e missed you soo much Baby Girl!" she cooed as she pulled me in for a warm embrace. "Soooo, you got a place to live?" She looked at me hopefully. "Yes" I smiled at her. "You know what that means, Yes?" she said. "Shopping!!" We cheered in unison. "So where is it?" she asked excitedly. I handed her the sheet with the picture and directions. Her eyes widened."Guess what?" she said. "What" I asked. "We are going to be neighbors!!"  "Fereal?" I asked. "You seriously picked the house to the right of ours" she stated. "Well I know what i'm doing don't I?" I said. "Yes now lets gooo!" she squealed. 


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