(Liam Payne's adopted sister) Secret Sister -- A Harry Styles Love Story

I'm home schooled. I have no friends. I'm not allowed out of the house. Nobody knows about me. Everyone who knew me before thinks I'm dead. I have no records except birth, adoption and 'death' records. I have no social security number, nothing. My name is originally Rhiannon Anne Griffiths Bowen but my adoptive name is Rhiannon Anne Payne, and I am a secret


10. Chapter 9

Rhiannon's POV


Dear diary,

Sorry for not writing as often as I used to. I'm just really stressed and confused right now, but more on that later. It has been two week's since I ran away and started living with One Direction. Let me tell you, it' got some up's and down's.

​​​Like yesterday for example, Harry was asleep on the floor in his boxers. HIS BOXERS for Pete's sake! I told him off but I don't think it'll make a difference. He said if I wasn't there he'd probably sleep fully naked. Eww! But he made up for it at breakfast. He cooked me the best breakfast E.V.E.R!

​​​Ever since the boys heard me perform I can't go into the studio without them following me. Unfortunately that's the one door in the flat that doesn't have a lock. Like yesterday, I came out of the shower (don't worry, I had a towel on) to find the boys, all except Liam, standing at the door, clapping and chanting "WE WANT MORE! WE WANT MORE! C'MON RHIANNON, PLEASE SING MORE!" Now they're getting on my nerves.

​​​So I've felt really useless the past couple of days just sitting around doing nothing. Even the boys have to work. Well, if you call work practicing. Half the time they don't even practice, they just goof off! So to fix my little problem I got a job as Liam doesn't want me going to school just in case I say something may regret - like living with the boys or the adoption... And the fact Liam is scared that one day he may go to pick me up and find out Mother and Father have found me and taken me away again. I will be working at... Drum roll please... The local animal shelter! I'm trying to convince Liam to let me adopt one, but e's being very stubborn about the issue.

​​​I really can't wait to start work, which I do tomorrow! I'm so excited! Liam told me that it won't be easy, but I had 2 dogs, 7 hamsters and 3 parrots with my real family. How hard can caring for cute 'wittle' animals be? I mean, it's not rocket science or anything. You need to feed them, clean them, love them, and clean up all of their messes (my least favorite part). Niall and Louis have a bet going on to see how long it takes me to quit. Niall says a week and Louis says a day. I'll show them!

​​​I swear I'm going to rip all of Liam's credit cards up too. Every single one of them. He's been doing a spending spree on me. He bought me and entire new wardrobe, a new iPhone with all of the lads songs on it and a bunch of junk I'll never use. e claims he's making up for the birthdays he's missed but I think he's just trying to make me forget about my adoptive parents.

​​​So lately, Zayn and Harry have been REALLY nice to me. And I mean, like insanely nice. They're opening doors for me, doing simple tasks for me that I could have done easily. The other day, Harry tried to do the laundry. Needless to say, it didn't end well. We had to clean up suds for hours. It was pretty funny though. And Zayn drew a portrait of me. It was so sweet! I wonder what's up with them. There's gotta be a catch!

​​​Okay, now for why I'm confused.

​​​A couple of days age Zayn and I were having one of our daily draw sessions. I was drawing an apple tree on a grassy hill and Zayn was drawing something abstract. It looked like a bunch of squiggly lines to me, but whatever suits his fancy. I honestly don't know what happened! One minute I was drawing and the next I was in his arm and we're kissing. Don't get me wrong, I DID feel something and it was a nice kind of... Uh... Experience, but I think of his as a best friend, another friend, not as a boyfriend!

​​​Well, Harry just had to walk into Zayn's room at that very time. He looked hurt, angry and confused. Tears stared welling up in his eyes. I had never seen him cry before. I instantly felt bad. I don't think I have feelings for Harry, but maybe I do. Unless it's something all new teenagers go through...

​​​It's been really awkward after that incident. Zayn and Harry haven't spoken since. Later that day, Liam pulled me aside and told me to stay away from Harry. He said that Harry's a player and Liam said he couldn't count on two hands how many girls Harry's brought back into the house. I don't know if I should listen to Liam or not... He obviously know's Harry better than I do but Harry's a good friend (not like Zayn though), a good listener, a shoulder to cry on and is actually concerned about me. And I don't know, but he's like my Prince Charming. My Romeo. But Liam knows best so I guess I'll keep away... For now!

​​​With a life like this, how could I not be confused?

​​​Ta ta for now,

​​​Rhiannon Anne (Griffiths Bowen) Payne xxx

​​​I closed my diary and slipped it under one of the many pillows that now cover the bed. I looked at the clock on the nightstand next to the bed. It's only 6:37 am. None of the boys would be up yet. I slipped out of bed (Harry's still sleeping on the floor. How sweet.) and quietly, I prodded out of the room, making sure not to wake him.

​​​I made my way to the kitchen. I expected to walk into a dark, empty room but instead I found Louis digging through the fridge, probably looking for carrots or something carrot flavored.

​​​"Oh, uh sorry. I didn't think anybody was up." I muttered.

​​​"Nah, it's okay." He says and grabs a jumbo bag of carrots out of the fridge. He hauls it over to the table, open's it, and start's eating.

​​​I got out a bowl, the carton of milk and a jumbo box of Coco Rock's I had hidden in one of the cabinets. I poured myself a nice serving of cereal. I poured the milk, trying not to spill any. I put the milk and cereal back and opened the silverware drawer.

​​​"Lou, where's all the spoons? They were here yesterday.?

​​​He lat out a nervous laugh.

​​​I groaned. "You didn't!"

​​​"Oh, but I did love." He said with an innocent smile.

​​​I sighed and went to my brothers room. Scattered all around were spoons of all sizes. He hadn't noticed yet since he was still asleep. Boy, he's in for a surprise when he wake's up. I grabbed a 
spoon off of the dresser and went back to the kitchen.

​​​I grabbed my breakfast and sat down next to Louis, who had already demolished half the bag of carrots. I ate my cereal without talking. I could feel Louis' eyes on me the whole time.

​​​"What's wrong love?"

​​​I sighed. "It's that obvious."

​​​He nodded.

​​​"Well... The other day I was drawing with Zayn and the next thing I knew we were kissing. So 
​ then Harry walks in and sees us and runs off in tears. Now they wont even talk to each other and Harry wont even look at me now." I said quietly.

​​​"Well hun, which one do you like?"

​​​"Neither... Both... Oh, I don't know! I'm so confused." I whined.

​​​"The heart wants what the heart wants."

​​​"Yeah, but the brain's more important than the heart." I muttered.

​​​He raised his eyebrows. "How so?"

​​​"You'd die instantly if your brain was removed. If your heart was removed you would be able to live for about two minutes before your brain died due to lack of oxygen."

​​​"Well I've got nothing then." Louis said. At least he was trying to help even if we couldn't come to a conclusion.

​​​I sighed and went back to eating. Why does my life have to be so complicated.

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