(Liam Payne's adopted sister) Secret Sister -- A Harry Styles Love Story

I'm home schooled. I have no friends. I'm not allowed out of the house. Nobody knows about me. Everyone who knew me before thinks I'm dead. I have no records except birth, adoption and 'death' records. I have no social security number, nothing. My name is originally Rhiannon Anne Griffiths Bowen but my adoptive name is Rhiannon Anne Payne, and I am a secret


3. Chapter 3

Hi everyone.


I just want to thank everyone who read's, comment's and votes this story. It means the world to me to know you are reading this. If you have read this before on 'Quotev' it was me. I just decided to stick it on here too. Ill be publishing it soom so I'll keep you posted on when that'll be.


Well that my piece said. 


Happy reading,


Rhiannon Anne (Griffiths Bowen) Payne xxx




Rhiannon's P.O.V


Amazing things can happen when you’re in the state of being half asleep and half awake. You can hear other people’s conversations. You can still dream. Simply amazing. All the pleasure of being asleep and you can still eavesdrop on peoples conversations and never get caught. Well, you can get caught but that's only if you give yourself away. I am in that state right now.


"Help me! Liam where are you?" I called desperately. It was no use. It most probably sounded like a muffle mess through the duct tape that was thickly applied over my mouth. I squirmed around in the chair, trying to escape. No use. It only caused the ropes I was bounded by, dig deeper into my wrists. I felt tears in my eyes. I am going to die here. 

The door opened, shedding some light in the dark room I am being kept in. I squint at the light. I had been in complete darkness for what feels like an eternity. A figure appears in the doorway, but only as a silhouette. I close my eyes, unable to take in the light. I heard soft footsteps cross the room. 


"Shh!" The person told me. Based on the voice I could identify it was a young male. Liam? "I'm here to help you." No it was certainly not Liam. The voice sounded familiar. I racked my brain for a memory containing the sound of this person’s voice. I felt the ropes binding my wrists release slack and finally come off. I pulled them back from behind the chair to examine the damage done. They were a bloody mess and really raw from the ropes. A single tear fell on one of the raw spots causing it to sting.


The person was working on the ropes that tied my legs to the chair now. I looked down at my saviour. He has a head full of brown curly hair. I tried to gasp but realized my mouth was still covered up. No it couldn't be... 


I heard the door open ever so slightly as if the person opening the door didn't want to wake me. I heard a gasp and some incomprehensible muttering. I heard the person walk over to the spot in the room that contained the bed.


"HARRY!" The person yelled. This time i was certain it was Liam. He sounded like he was going to rip my 'beloved' room-mates head off. You know, now that I thought of it that could be a good thing.   I heard a girlish shriek and a loud thump.


"Ow! What was that for?" Harry asked.




"Huh?" Harry sounded genuinely confused. I heard him get up. "Oh. Yeah. Her."  


"Well?" Liam sounded really impatient. 


"I was tired. I guess I'm a jerk when I'm tired?" It sounded more like a question than an answer. Liam grumbled something that sounded like a swear word and stormed out of the room. Harry sat back down and sighed.


"What am I going to do with you?" Obviously by you, he meant me.


I opened my eyes, lifted my head from the pillow and glared at him. "Well, first of all you could stop treating me like a dog you just found on the street!" I spat at him. 


"Why do you hate me?" 


"Are you kidding me? You were rude to me all night!" He is really dumb not to have realized that. 


"Well, that's the thing. We haven't even known each other a full day. You can’t hate me. You can severely hate me though." He flashed me a cheeky smile. 


I rolled my eyes and got up. "Fine, but one more rude comment or anything else like it... It's back to hate." 


In some strange way this caused Harry to burst out laughing. I slowly backed out of the room. No sudden movements. I closed the door and ran for my life. 






I lifted my head up to see who I had hit. It was my good old buddy (Note my sarcasm) Zayn. We both got up and I dusted myself off. 


"I'm so sorry! I was a bit preoccupied by the flats local mental patient and I guess I wasn't looking." 


"It's okay." He said and got up and walked off. Something tells me we're not exactly on good terms right now. Well, at LEAST I can talk to Niall, Liam and Louis. 


I plopped down on the couch and flipped through the channels. There was nothing good on. I sighed and my stomach growled. I was about to get up and get some breakfast when something amazing happened. 


"BREAKFAST! HURRY UP OR I'LL EAT YOURS!" Niall ran through the flat screaming. For some reason I didn't think he was kidding. 


I got up and rushed into the kitchen. A breakfast buffet with my name on it was inviting me. I grabbed a plate and took a bit of everything. I sat down next to Louis and started at the plateful of food I had gotten. What did I just do? 


Louis got up and began digging through the fridge, determined to find something. Louis grinned when his search was completed. He came back with a bag full of something I never expected to see at breakfast.  


"Carrots?" I asked sceptically.


Louis nodded and cradled the bag in his arms, gently rocking it back and forth. "They're my babies." This was preceded by him taking one of them out of the bag and demolishing it in under ten seconds.


Harry was already eating his food when I entered. Niall sat down across from me and started scaring down his food. For such a tiny person he sure can eat a lot. Liam came in and sat on the other side of me, by Zayn and Harry sitting on either side of the human garbage can.


I picked up my fork and hesitantly hooked a piece of scrambled egg. I brought it to my mouth and slid it in. I started to chew very slowly.


 "Oh my God. This is amazing!" I said in one of the rare moments I wasn't enjoying the food.


"Well that's Harry's cooking for you." Zayn said.


Uh-oh. He probably poisoned it. I looked at the plate and slid it away from me. Louis and Harry started laughing.


 "Chill Rhi, I watched him cook it." Niall said. That still didn't make me feel any better.


"He could have stuck poison in it when you were running through the place." I said under my breath.


"Think about it Rhi, if he stuck poison in it wouldn't we all- Agh agh ugh gshahnfbhasj..." Louis put his hands up to throat and fell of the chair. He made more chocking noises and I screamed. He popped up with a smile on his face. "Got cha!"


 I slapped his arm and crossed mine, going into pout mode. The rest of the boys finished eating and all cleaned up a bit.


"Hey, why not watch us rehearse for a bit?" Niall asked me. I shrugged and we all headed down to their recording room. They started playing the music to a song.


"I've tried playing it cool/ But when I'm looking at you/ I can't ever be brave/ 'Cos you make my heart race." Liam sang. He sounded awesome!


"Shot me out of the sky/ you’re my kryptonite/ you keep making me weak/ yeah frozen and can't breathe." Harry sang. I got to admit, he's pretty good.


Zayn picked it up. "Something's got to give now/ 'Cos I'm dying just to make you see/ that you need you here with me now/ 'Cos you've got that one thing."


They all sang the chorus and finished up the song. They sounded really, really good. I clapped and they took a bow.

"You guys are really good!”


"Thanks." They all said in sync with one another.


"I'll be back." I said and ran back to my 'room'. I grabbed my diary and started writing.


Dear diary,

I don’t think I'll ever get used to living in a house with only boys. Some are rude, others loud, some are shy and some just like to pull pranks. The only ones I think I'm on good terms with are Liam, Niall and Louis.


Zayn is the quiet one. I think he just likes to observe a bit. I think we've said a total of two words to each other. Not even a full conversation! Oh well, Maybe he'll warm up to me. He's a pretty good singer.


Louis is the prankster of the bunch. He pulled the meanest trick on me today! He pretended to choke when I thought harry poisoned the food! He seems pretty decent though. He sings pretty well too.


The loud one is Niall. And when I say loud, I mean LOUD. He about busted my eardrums today! For such a small kid he sure can eat a lot. He's like a human garbage disposal! Once again, he sings really well.


Then there's Harry. He convinced me that I in face did not hate him, I just severely dislike him. That doesn't mean anything though. We'll be lucky if we ever become acquaintances. This morning, breakfast was amazing! That is, until I found out Harry cooked it. I was almost positive he poisoned mine so I stopped eating. I can't believe I'm writing this, but he's actually really talented.


I had the strangest dream this morning. I was in a dark room, bound to a chair. Somebody opened the door and light flooded in. At first I thought it was Liam, but he voice was huskier. He cut the ropes on my wrists, which were both a bloody mess. Then he started undoing the ones that tied my legs to the chair. I looked down to see who it was and I had the biggest surprise of my life, even if I was dreaming. It was Harry...
Ta ta for now,

Rhiannon Anne (Griffiths Bowen) Payne xxx


I sighed and closed my diary. It felt good just to transfer everything to paper. I got up and went back to the recording room and listened to the boys practice for a couple more hours.

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