(Liam Payne's adopted sister) Secret Sister -- A Harry Styles Love Story

I'm home schooled. I have no friends. I'm not allowed out of the house. Nobody knows about me. Everyone who knew me before thinks I'm dead. I have no records except birth, adoption and 'death' records. I have no social security number, nothing. My name is originally Rhiannon Anne Griffiths Bowen but my adoptive name is Rhiannon Anne Payne, and I am a secret


18. Chapter 16

Liam's POV


Zayn and I never got to finish our little confrontation. No, there were much more important things to attend to. For example feeding Harry (the dog) and Giselle, picking up carrots for Louis and, oh yeah! Making sure my little sister was okay! In the back of my mind, I knew that she wasn't fine and dandy. Who in their right mind screams if they're okay? Well, yeah there is Niall and Louis but that's just different! Rhiannon would never do that kind of thing, It's just not the type of person she is.


I think it took me and the others, especially Zayn and Harry, a second and a half to get from where we all where to Rhiannon and Harry's door. I quickly tried to open it but the handle wouldn't move. I tried to open the door again... Nothing! So I tried again but harder... MUCH harder, but still nothing. That's when I remembered she was still locked in her room. With whoever or whatever was making her scream. I immediately began pounding the door, No use... Now I was kicking it!


"Help me bust it down!" I cried over my shoulder to the four boys who were all wearing the same worried expressions as me.


The next couple of minutes felt like eons.








I couldn't stand that I didn't know if Rhi was okay or not. I was driven to braking the door down, and I think the others were too. I know some feel like she's their little sister and maybe count her as one too, and others... Well they feel something more for her. Something that definitely should not be felt between siblings (or similar in our case).


Then the miracle happened. We got the door to open. Sure we were going to have to replace it but we would concern about that later. We stamped into the room and found... Absolutely nothing! Everything was in place. No sign of struggle. No blood. No dead body or severed limbs. So far so good.


"I'm going to check the bathroom." I said and rushed towards the bathroom door.


I knocked softly on the door. Maybe she had just slipped in the shower? Maybe the water was really hot and a scream escaped her? Alas, there was no sound of running water. There was also no answer. I began to turn the handle and prayed she wasn't in there doing anything. The door swung open. Once again, there was nothing. I didn't know if I should be worried or relieved.


There was only one place next to look. The closet. I opened it up and again found nothing except Rhiannon's cloths and outfits and Harry's suits. Nothing that was in there would give me a clue as to where my little sister would be.


I turned around and sighed. I shook y head from side to side to tell the boys that she wasn't in there. Now I am really worried! Where could she be? Then an empathy struck me down.


"Hold on guys." I said.


I got down on my hand and knees and crawled over to the bed. It had dawned on me that this could just be one of her pranks. I looked under the bed. I expected to find my little sister under it with a huge grin on her face, trying her hardest to hold back laughs. Instead I found a couple of Harry's socks and a few foreign objects I didn't even know we had possession of.


I got up and gave a sad sigh. Where could she be? Where could she have gone? She just disappeared. But that's impossible, right? As I'm pondering these, I notice something interesting... Her window is open, First I thought nothing of it but then it all came into play.


"No!" I screamed and ran over to the window.


I was divided into two Liam's momentarily. One was telling me that she jumped to end it all but the other saying I knew she wouldn't have done such a thing. Each had a possibility of being correct. I looked out of the window, hoping that I wouldn't see her lifeless body lying on the hard ground, ten stories below.


"Is... Is she out there mate?" Louis whispered.


"No!" I choked out between the tears.


"Then why are you crying?"


"Because I know she's not dead..."


Rhiannon's POV


All of us have wished for something at least once in our lives. You might not even know you have wished for something. These wishes can range from the possibility's of them coming true to something completely and utterly ridiculous. One might wish for the bravery to ask out their cute lab partner. Another to wish for a million pounds. You can see the difference between the two. The first has a good chance of becoming true while the second has an extremely thin margin of hope.


Once upon a time, I wished I was never adopted. But them I was reminded of my amazing adopted sibling and was glad I was adopted regardless of my adopted father, and so, my only wish was that one day I wished to be rescued from my tower by my Prince Charming. Though in this story, my Prince Charming is my brother. None the less, it was still a wish. Never in a million years would I have ever imagined it would come true. Then one magical night, it did. Now, my only wish is to take that wish back no matter how much I love Liam, the boys, Harry and Giselle.


If it weren't for that stupid wish, I wouldn't be tied up in a dark room right now. I wouldn't have roped digging into my ender skin. I wouldn't have layer upon layer of duct tape covering my mouth.


I'm not exactly sure how father found me then got to me out of my room, considering it was about 10 stories up. All I remember is one moment I was writing in my diary and the next, my 'father' was there with a metal pole. He hit me at the back of the head with it and everything went black. My skull hurts like hell right now. Every time I make even the slightest movement a bout of pain overtakes me completely.


The door opens and immediately, I know what's about to happen. Light floods in and the figure appears in the doorway. It's my wretched adoptive father. He walks over to me, taking his precious time with each step and a smirk plastered upon his hard face.


"My, my Rhiannon. You have been SUCH a naughty girl." He taunted. "And you know how naughty girls are punished."


He pulled his hand back and struck me across the cheek. Tears welling my eyes and I screamed into the tape. "That was for running away, my dear."


He pulled his hand back once more and hit me on my same cheek. "And that was for kissing a silly little boy."


He repeated this process for what felt like hours. During that time I WAS wishing for one thing to come true. I was wishing for him to get it over with and kill me already!


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