A Love Story Never Told

Katerina Petrova. Kat to all her friends is a bubbly sixteen year old girl. Who never believes in love. What happened when a twist brings her to her true love but soon takes it away. A love story never told. For The inspired by a song competition. Inspired by the song "Love Story By Taylor Swift".


3. See You Make Your Way Through The Crowd

I hold the hot cup of coffee to my lips, then gasp when it burns my tongue. I hastily put it on the wooden oak table. My eyes gaze around the cafe. It's quiet. A little too quiet for my liking. A quiet peaceful music echoing around the room. I spot families sitting together. One family stood out so much. A mother and father. With two kids. The girl who looked to be about eight, a younger boy who looked to be about six. The girl has blonde hair tied in bunches. She reminded too much of me. Or the family I used to have.

"Mummy, I want cake!" the boy exclaims to his mother.

"Jake, you know how too much chocolate affects you." his mother tells him off.

The boy called Jake spots me looking at him. I smile at him nervously, like a little child caught by his parents sneaking something. The boy raises his eye brows, and sticks his tongue at me.

"Daddy, look at Kat. She's being horrible to me." my brother Max lies.

"Kat. Stop being horrible to your brother." my mother tells me off.

"I'm not doing anything mummy!" I exclaim

Max sticks his tongue at me, his eye brows raised.

"Daddy, Max is sticking his tongue at me." I wail to my dad.

"Max." my dad begins to say, turning around to face me.

He never got to end the sentence. The car sullenly topples over. I could her my brother Max wailing, my parents screaming.

That was the last time I saw my mother or brother, ever again. When I woke up. I was in a hospital. Blood was everywhere. When I asked where my parents were. The nurses just patted my head, and left me. Little did I know, that they had all died in a horrific car accident. That had ended my family's life. Little did I know, I would never get to see my brother stick his tongue at me ever again. All I had left was my father. My father who was traumatized. He never treated me the same again. He never loved me again.


 I sat on the wooden oak table. I clenched my hands tightly, and hold them to my heart.

"Would you like a tissue?" a voice asks.

I look to see who the voice belongs to. Then freeze. There stands the most handsome looking guy I had ever seen. With sandy blonde hair past his shoulders, and sapphire blue eyes A angular jaw line, and broad chest. In his hands, there was a tissue. I took the tissue, and held it to my eye. I didn't know that I was crying.

"Can I sit down?" the boy asks nervously.

"Sure. Be my guest. It's not like that seat belongs to anyone." I answer.

The boy sits down on the empty chair. His eyes gazed into me.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

"I'm fine." I reply.

"No, your not. Sorry if I sound rude. I'm Will." the boy introduces.

"Kat." I answer.

"Kat. What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." Will flirts with me.

"Are you trying to flirt with me?" I ask.

"Only if you want." Will replies embarrassed.

"Sure. It's not any day you meet a really hot guy." I exclaim, then realize I just said it.

 Shut your mouth Kat. I tell myself. I was embarrassing myself in front of a really hot guy.

"You think I'm hot." Will exclaims, smiling.

"Just as you think I'm beautiful." I answer.

"Yes. I think you are very beautiful indeed Kat." Will tells me.

"Are you my prince in shining armors?" I ask.

"If you want me to be. My lady." Will replies.

"Of course my Romeo." I answer.

"and my beloved Juliet." Will tells me, kissing my hand.


When fate brought him to me. I knew it was not forever. What I did not expect was for fate to take him away from me so soon.


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