A Love Story Never Told

Katerina Petrova. Kat to all her friends is a bubbly sixteen year old girl. Who never believes in love. What happened when a twist brings her to her true love but soon takes it away. A love story never told. For The inspired by a song competition. Inspired by the song "Love Story By Taylor Swift".


2. Prologue

Is love how everyone really says it is? Is it like floating on a cloud? Is it like the world has stopped and you're the only ones there. Does it feel safe? Does it feel beautiful? Does it really happened? Does true love exist? Can you ever fall in love. Does love last forever? Is love really as beautiful as everyone imagines it to be. No! Love is not like that at all. Love is a short phase when you feel like everything is perfect. When you finally find someone who you believe to be your soul mate. Someone you always believe you'll live with forever, and have kids. Someone you wish to spend your life with. But love's not like that at all. It may feel like love is perfect. But nothing is perfect. It starts off with a few arguments, then massive problems. You want to leave them. You want to break apart from them. But sometimes you can't.

Where you feel like was he the one? Love does not last forever. Mostly in young people. Within a few months or years. If it lasts that long. You realize that this person isn't the one you really love. That you have had enough of him or her. Then you break up. Just like that. Sometimes not realizing that maybe your partner really loved you. That maybe they really believed you would be forever together. That when you break up it shatters there heart, and remains in there heart forever. Love always ends up in pain. Love is a big thing that always leads to pain. It leaves you in sorrow, in tears. Love your whole life. But don't rush to marriage right away, because sometimes it might be too late. Too late to leave them, and start your life fresh. Love may not always end up beautiful. But too who it does. I tell them that they are very lucky. That they are a one in one couple that are made for each other. For anyone else in love. I wish you the very best of luck. I hope your love life remains beautiful and strong. That your love will last a forever.

Now let me tell you off a  tale. A tale of a girl whose life turned upside down because of a boy. A girl who thought she met the boy because of fate. But it was this same fate that took the boy away from her. Here is a love story never told.

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