A Love Story Never Told

Katerina Petrova. Kat to all her friends is a bubbly sixteen year old girl. Who never believes in love. What happened when a twist brings her to her true love but soon takes it away. A love story never told. For The inspired by a song competition. Inspired by the song "Love Story By Taylor Swift".


4. Daddy Said Stay Away From Juliet

I sit on the desk. The white A4 sheets of paper stacked on the desk. A light purple pen in my hand. I took a sheet of paper, then scribbled something on it. I furrowed my eye brows, then shake my head. I fidgeted with the pen. Then crunched the piece of paper into a ball, and threw it on the floor. My stern face dad walked in. I loved him. I really did. But sometimes he pushed me too hard. He would not let me have a phone, wear make up, go to parties. Just stay at home like a good girl.

"Kat, what are you doing?" my father asked, walking right behind me. Then staring hard at my work curiously.

"Just my homework daddy." I replied.

"Are you sure that's homework Kat?" dad asked.

"Yes, dad. Ask my teacher if you want." I answered, upset.

I didn't like my dad asking all these questions. It made me feel like he didn't trust me. Like I was a criminal, and he was a police officer interrogating me. Not like a father talking to his daughter.

"I'm sure that's not needed." my dad replied, walking off.

Suddenly the door bell rings. I wondered who it could be.

"Kat. Answer the door." my dad ordered.

I ran to the door, and opened the door. There was the last person I expected, and the person I loved the most. Will.

"Will!" I exclaimed hugging him.

"Romeo." Will corrected.

"My Romeo." I told him, kissing his lips.

"And my beautiful Juliet." Will told me, breaking apart then brushing a strand of my pale blonde hair.

"What are you doing here?" I ask curiously.

"Nothing. Just wanted to see my Juliet. Is that wrong?" Will asked, holding my hand.

"No, it's just." I began to say.

Suddenly my father looming face, stands right behind of me. He looks at me then Will. Then at us holding hands. I immediately let go of Will's hand, embarrassed. My dad did not appreciate of my relationship with boys. Let alone having a boyfriend. What was he going to do? I fidgeted nervously.

"Who are you?" my dad asked Will.

"I'm Will. Your daughter Kat girlfriend. Though she says I'm Romeo." Will replied.

"Romeo, huh, and I bet my daughter Kat is your Juliet." my dad suggested.

"Will." I mumble nervously.

"Yes, actually." Will answered confidently.

"I  forbid my daughter to have a relationship with you Will or any boy!" my dad shouted angrily, his face turning red.

"Romeo sir, and why? Why can't you let Juliet have a boyfriend?" Will questioned.

I look at Will in shock. This was the first time someone questioned my dad. My dad's face went bright red. He raised his eye brows, then widens his eyes.

"What I allow and forbid my daughter, is none of your business Romeo." my dad shouted angrily.

"Dad." I try and say.

"Juliet is my business and I love her very much, she is my life." Will says proudly.

"I love Romeo. I mean Will very much too daddy." I answer.

My dad stares at me, giving me the evil eye to shut up. Then looks back at Will.

"Well I guess then you should destroy your life. You don't love her. Your too young to love." my dad told Will.

"Your never took young to love sir, and I do love her and she loves me, and that's all that counts." Will exclaimed.

"Stay away from Juliet." dad commanded.

"But." Will began to say.

"Stay away from Juliet." my dad said.

Daddy said stay away from Juliet.

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