Just Cant Let Her Go

Heyyy!! I'm Bianca but I hate that name!! Ew. Call me Bella. It won't make sense but I love that name :P. Anywho, I'm the most popular girl in school. I'm not like those losers who cut themselves. I'm the type of girl that is like, all guys want me, all girls want to be me. I take guys home every night, drink, go to clubs. Ya. There is this one guy who catches my eye. Henry? No.. Harrin? Nooo..... Harry! Yes. Harry ;)


7. 6

Bella's POV


 I walked past Harry swaying my hips, seducing him. He licks his lips and watches my bum as I walk. I smirk and walk to my first class.

 After class, Harry was waiting for me. "Bella!" I smiled sweetly and said,'' Yes Harold?'' he rolled his eyes and said,'' I want you so much! Give me a chance and be my girlfriend?'' I swear my eyes popped out of my head. "W-what? Girlfriend?'' he nodded smiling. I couldn't turn him down, but I will make him suffer, no sex. For a week I'll date him unless I find feelings for him. "Sure, why not?'' He smiled a huge smile and hugged me. "Yay! Text me after school, k?'' I smiled and nodded. I walked to my next class thinking about how I could annoy him by being sexy....



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