Just Cant Let Her Go

Heyyy!! I'm Bianca but I hate that name!! Ew. Call me Bella. It won't make sense but I love that name :P. Anywho, I'm the most popular girl in school. I'm not like those losers who cut themselves. I'm the type of girl that is like, all guys want me, all girls want to be me. I take guys home every night, drink, go to clubs. Ya. There is this one guy who catches my eye. Henry? No.. Harrin? Nooo..... Harry! Yes. Harry ;)


6. 5

Bella's POV

  I woke up the next morning before Blondie and got dressed quietly. I walked out the door leaving a note saying,' Hey! Thanks for last night! Xx Bella' I got to my house seeing a bloody carpet and a note with blood smears on it. It said,' Hi Bells, after you left I got beat up by your boyfriend brother and their friends. I'm really sorry. But hey, you do good with you mouth ;) Just call me when you can, 071234567. Xx Harry'.   My hand flew to my mouth as I gasped. Maybe me and Harry should stay friends.....


    5 Months Later

    I wake up next to my one night stand. I think his name is Derek? I don't know. Anyway, I've changed, I'm the school player, beat up anyone who disagrees with me, so I'm basically the girl version of Zayn. By the way, me and Zayn broke up a little while after I caught him cheating 6 times. I barely speak with Harry now, but I know he wants me. They all do. But I choose. Not them. So, I'm not the slutty desperate kind of girl. I am a player. I dress normal, but hotter, I don't wear something that a piece of ribbon would cover more than my outfit. I wear shorts, tanktops, tee shirts. Normal stuff.

I get into my car and go to school. As I walk in, I feel everyone watching my ass. I smirk to myself and keep walking till I see Harry.

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