Just Cant Let Her Go

Heyyy!! I'm Bianca but I hate that name!! Ew. Call me Bella. It won't make sense but I love that name :P. Anywho, I'm the most popular girl in school. I'm not like those losers who cut themselves. I'm the type of girl that is like, all guys want me, all girls want to be me. I take guys home every night, drink, go to clubs. Ya. There is this one guy who catches my eye. Henry? No.. Harrin? Nooo..... Harry! Yes. Harry ;)


5. 4

Bella's POV


       I sat outside crying into my knees. I need a change. Zayn knows I'm scared of him so that's why I did that. I need a change though. I'm going to become the school player and bad girl. Starting tomorrow. I smirked to myself and sniffed. I heard an Irish voice say,'' Oi, are you alright love?'' I look up to see a hot Blondie with beautiful blue sparkling eyes. First victim, I thought. "I'm fine, just a little emotional.'' I smiled. He scratched the back of his neck and said,'' Well, erm, you wanna come to my place for a while?'' God that accent!!!!!! "Sure'' I smiled. I stood up and grab his hand as his face went beet red, I giggled and kissed his cheek making him go even more red.


When we got to his house, he led me to his room to watch the telly. I had different plans. I motioned him over and slammed my lips into his. He was surprised at first then started to kiss back. We had a hot makeout session and fter that we were only in our underclothes. He pulled up and asked,'' You wanna do this?'' I bite my lip and nod. He smiles and grabs a condom before stripping completely. He was huge!! I smiled excitingly as I slid the condom on his size. He kisses me and takes off my bra and panties and kisses my stomach down to my v-area. I moan and grab his hair as he licks me raw. I gasp as he flicks his tongue in me. This goes on for a few minutes longer and then I cum. He swallows and before I speak, he jams into me. He thrusts fast and hard while kissing my neck as I scream in pleasure.

Niall's POV

This chick was sooo hot!! I loved how she screamed out every time I trusted. I wonder if she's good with her mouth.... I trusted harder and faster to make her cum. When she did, I kissed her hard and sat back. She nodded and licked the head as I moaned. She then started sucking and licking and pumping. I thrust in to her mouth and damn she can deepthroat!! I finally cum and she swallows. I lay her down and make her fall asleep to me licking her v-area softly. Once she's asleep, I cuddle up to her and lay down.




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