Just Cant Let Her Go

Heyyy!! I'm Bianca but I hate that name!! Ew. Call me Bella. It won't make sense but I love that name :P. Anywho, I'm the most popular girl in school. I'm not like those losers who cut themselves. I'm the type of girl that is like, all guys want me, all girls want to be me. I take guys home every night, drink, go to clubs. Ya. There is this one guy who catches my eye. Henry? No.. Harrin? Nooo..... Harry! Yes. Harry ;)


3. 2

Bella's POV

" Harry?'' ''Bella?'' Zany scoffed. "So how does this nerd know YOU?'' I looked at him angrily (if that's a word haha) '' He was my best friend in Holmes Chapel. Don't be rude. Tell the guys to back off.'' Zayn crossed his arms and smirked.'' No. You have to show me how much you want him unhanded.'' I rolled my eyes. "Harry, I'll be right back. Guys, don't hurt him please.'' I grabbed Zayn's hand and ran into my house. We ran into my room and I didn't give Zayn enough time to speak. I slammed my lips into his and rubbed his.... down there.... He moaned and rubbed my boobs. I moaned slightly and grabbed his boner. I rubbed him hard as he moaned loud. He grabbed my hand and held it up. He continued to rub himself while saying,'' I got you a present. Try it out right here right now.'' and held up a dildo. I smirked and grabbed it. I took off my clothes and sat the dildo on the bed. I knew how to do this so I walked over and laude on the bed. I rubbed myself down and I opened my eyes to see Zayn naked and pumping himself watching me. I smirked and sat up. I placed myself over the toy and slowly sat down, doing the straddles. It entered me as I moaned. I started bouncing up and down on it. Zayn was moaning and chuckling. Just then Zayn's mates walked in and I tried to cover myself. "Hey guys. Bring the nerd in to have him see what he's missing.'' I looked at Zayn confused then my eyes widened knowing what he was planning.... sex with an audience. My mouth dropped open as Harry walked in and same happened to him as he looked me down. " Zayn, why are you doing this?''  "I'm showing this wanker what he's missing. Now come here without the blanket but put your panties on.'' I did as I was told and looked at Harry. His eyes still wide at my body. I walk up to Zayn and get on my knees. "Nerd, this is how she works her mouth.'' Harry's eyes widen as he crosses his legs to hide his boner as I start sucking Zayn. I pump and suck and lick for a good 10 minutes until Zayn's cum fills my mouth. "Swallow.'' he commands. I nod and gulp it down. "Now, do it to Harry.'' MY eyes get wide as Harry tries to hide his excitement. I swallow and slowly walk over to Harry and gets on my knees. "NO, Bella, do it how we did 2 days ago.'' Zayn smirks. I fake a smile and pull Harry to the bed. I lay him down and straddle his waist. I kiss his lips and a jolt of electricity flows through me. I shake it off and kiss him hard while rolling my hips with him. I softly bite his lip as I pull away. He moans as I kiss his neck and rip his shirt off. I sit up and my eyes widen as I see his body. Covered in tattoos and abs and a very nice V line. Very toned body. I bend down and kiss his neck and down to his chest, abs, and tip of pants. I kiss him there as I feel him get hard under me. I slide my hands down his pants as I kiss him lower. This won't be fun. I bet he has a small dick, I think to myself. I pull off his pants and boxers and look to see the size I'm working with. My eyes widen as I look. "Woah! Styles, is that real? It is huge!" Zayn yells. Harry smirks at him and roughs up his curls into a mess, which turned me on a bit. "Its real.'' Harry says as he gestures to it. My eyes are glued to it until Zayn snaps his fingers. I shake my head and kiss down his V line. He moans as I reach his boner. I grab it and pump it and lick the head of it. He moans louder and grabs a handful of my hair as I start sucking. He thrusts in my mouth and I deepthroat it which is still barely enough for his size to fit all in my mouth. He pulls my hair up as he starts to cum. I swallow and sit up. Harry is breathing heavy and gasping,'' Wow.'' alot. I scoot up and kiss him softly but that turns into a make out session until I hear the door slam open. "Bella?!''

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