Life of Eleanor Calder

Hi, I'm Eleanor Calder. I'm dating Louis Tomlinson, but I'm losing feelings for him


3. Talking to Niall

Eleanor's pov

I went to talk to Niall. Nialler and I are really close. Even closer than Louis and I. Louis was amazing and all, but he wasn't very serious about us at all. I really like Niall more than a friend and he had to know so I can figure how to break the news to Lou.

"Hey Nialler. Can we talk?" I asked.

"Sure thing. C'mon on, sit down and tell me what's wrong." Niall knew me so well. I closed the door and locked it like always when we talk, and sat down near him.

"I don't like Louis no more, and I'm scared to hurt him."

"Just let him know whats wrong, he'll understamd."

"Not if it's cause I like one of his mates." I said and finally looked up at Niall.


"Promise me you won't freak out."


"I like you."

"Good thing I like you to." He said while smiling.

"Know how do we tell Lou."

"I'll tell you dont worry bout a thing." and with that he left the room.


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