Life of Eleanor Calder

Hi, I'm Eleanor Calder. I'm dating Louis Tomlinson, but I'm losing feelings for him


1. Girl day

Eleanor's pov

Today Perrie, Dani, and I are going to the mall for a girls day. We needed and deserved one because we always do what the boys wanna do.

Right now were at Forever 21. I needed some new skinny jeans. I got three, black, light blue and a dark blue. I also got some brown and black pair of ugs.

"Perri, Dani. I have something to tell you guys and you can not tell Louis. It will crush him if he knew."

"El, you can tell us, our lips are locked."Perri said comforetingly

Before I could say anything Louis came running in with Liam and Zayn behind them. Later i mothed to Perri and Dani. They nodded.

"Hey love." and Louis pecked my cheek.

"What are yall doing here? It's girl day." I stated.

"Oh, I needed new converse and Zayn needed hair gel and Liam had to drive us to get our stuff." he said innocently.

"Then why are yall at Forever 21?"

"We missed yall."

"We missed you too but you dont see us running into yalls guy day or in the middle of yalls concerts." I pointed out. Then they went silent, they knew I was right. Our girls day ended quicker then we had planned

a/n What do you think Eleanor was gonna tell the girls

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