Perfect Vacation?

Jenny a girl who is 18 years old goes on a holiday to france for 2 weeks with her sister, mom and dad. she doesn't want to go. Everything changes when she meets Harry. The boy who stays next to her bungallow. Will they fall in love or not. Does Jenny want this vacation to end sooner or does she wanna stay longer?

Hi, I'm Renee and this is my first fanfic. I'm from the Netherlands so please don't hate my spelling and grammar (:

I hope you like it!


8. chapter 8

Haryy's POV.

That's quite young. I asked her who the girl was plauing in front of her bungalow. It was her little sister Julia she said, she 's five. She asked me if I had brothers or sisters and how old I was. I asked her if she hadd a boyfriend? No she said. My smile grew bigger and bigger ^^. Have you ever had one? I asked her. Yes she said. But she didn't wanna talk about it. If you don't wanna talk about it then we don't talk about it I said. Paul said that we were at the camping. Jenny jumped at my back and I walked towards my bungalow. When I opened the door the boys and her parents said surprise(: I could see one her face that she was shocked.



Hi guyss ,

this is a really short chapter sorry!

do you al like the story?

xoxo lots of love.

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