Perfect Vacation?

Jenny a girl who is 18 years old goes on a holiday to france for 2 weeks with her sister, mom and dad. she doesn't want to go. Everything changes when she meets Harry. The boy who stays next to her bungallow. Will they fall in love or not. Does Jenny want this vacation to end sooner or does she wanna stay longer?

Hi, I'm Renee and this is my first fanfic. I'm from the Netherlands so please don't hate my spelling and grammar (:

I hope you like it!


27. chapter 21

Jenny's POV.

I kept following Harry... after a couple of minutes we came by an open spot. It was beautiful. Harry and I decided to sit down on some stones. The view was amazing. Harry lit up some candles and came to sit down next to me. I saw Harry texting someone I didn't know who it was.. I started humming burn by Elly Golding when I heard Niall and Lizzy make there way towards us. They came and sat donw next to us, they had a basket with them. Niall opened it and pulled out some food en drinks. We sat there for 3 hours just chatting, eating and laughing. It was really nice until a pap decided to ruin it. we decided to clean everything up and leave. Harry and I walked hand in hand back to the car. After everybody stepped in the car we drove home. Lizzy and I went to change.


Harry's POV.

so Niall are you and Lizzy a thing? He started blushing and said ''not yet..'' And you and Jenny? Niall asked. Yeah we're togheter now. Shall we watch a movie with the girls? I asked Niall. Yeah thats a good idea Niall answered. Okay you make everything ready and I go get the girls. When I was walking uptairs I heard the girls talk. They had exacly the same conversation as mine and Niall's. I knocked on their door and asked if they wanted to watch a movie. They immediatly reacted with a yes. When I was downstairs i saw Niall struggling with some bowls of popcorn and candy I decided to help him and start the dvd. After a while Jenny and Lizzy came downstairs with some phillows and blankets. We al sat ready and the movie began....




I'm really really sorry I haven't updated in a while...

This is a really bad chapter ... i think i have a writersblock..

I will update ASAP!!

PLease favorite my story!

Lots of Love!x'


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