Perfect Vacation?

Jenny a girl who is 18 years old goes on a holiday to france for 2 weeks with her sister, mom and dad. she doesn't want to go. Everything changes when she meets Harry. The boy who stays next to her bungallow. Will they fall in love or not. Does Jenny want this vacation to end sooner or does she wanna stay longer?

Hi, I'm Renee and this is my first fanfic. I'm from the Netherlands so please don't hate my spelling and grammar (:

I hope you like it!


23. chapter 19

Niall's POV.

Afterr playing 20 questions with Lizzy we went back to the carnival and went on some rides. Lizzy was getting cold so I gave her my jacket. I texted Harry were they where. Harry texted back; We're stuck at the ferris wheel. I hope you're having fun(; You dont have to wait at us. Have fun mate! please tell Lizzy that we are save xd and that she can sleep over at Jenny and mine's if she wants. Niall's replay: Thanks mate(: Everything is going okay here(: We are going home right now. See ya later bro !


Harry's POV.

Niall and Lizzy are going home I said. '' Okay'' Jenny replied. After a while Jenny wanted to say something but then she stopped. '' Nevermind'' she said. Please tell me.. Is everything okay? ''Well actually''.... she started


Jenny's POV.

Well actually I want to ask you something. ''Well then ask me'' Harry replied. When we were at the airport.. you kissed me.. ''Yeahh.. *Harry started blushing* he said. Does that mean we're boyfriend and girlfriend right now?:$ ''Well.... '' Harry said.


*cliffhanger (:*

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