Taken Me In

Leigh-Ann and Aylon are twin sisters. They are alike in many ways, but different in others. Their parents abandoned them. And left then at a random orphan place. They hate it. And pray for the day someone will live them. After waiting 12 years, a group of guys do just that. But they are famous and it's confusing, will they just give up? One direction cares for them. But you never know what hate can do to a person.


1. Orphanage

Leigh-Ann's POV-


"Leigh, wake up!" I hear my sister,Aylon, say giggling. "Ayla! I'm trying to sleep!" I can't help but laugh seeing her hanging from the top bunk making faces at me. "Your gunna fall!" I say, threading to push her. She laughs and jump down. She sits beside me. We look at each other. We both know that we can act as happy as we want, but on the inside we are miserable. 

      Ayla and I are twins. We both have the same brown, thin hair. But we are different. Her eyes, have a mixture of blue and green and brown. Mine are light green. My hair is shorter than hers by a mile. Her hair reaches her hips, mine barely below my shoulders. I'm taller, and a little heavier. We both love to sing together. But Ayla loves to write songs. And her songs are deep and sad, you wouldn't expect it from a 12 year old. Not a single word. 

        We are both considered very pretty but that's only the parts people see. You see, out life. Is so messed up. Our parents abandoned us, but not before leaving us scars. Literally. I have a scar on my arm, and neck. Ayla has two on her leg, and one on her back. They are from our dads knife. But people don't usually see those. And they don't see what we think. Every night, we pray. We pray for someone to love is. Somebody. 

          We have prayed like that since we could talk. But the prayers got more serious, as we neared our older years. "Leigh, will we ever get out if here?" Ayla asks. She is so... Deep. But together, we are unstoppable. We make each other laugh. We wouldn't be able to live without each other. "I don't know, Ayla. I don't know." I say.

        "GIRLS! Get ready, we have very important guests coming! But it's not like you will be going anywhere." Our head mistress yells at us. I get up and put on a pair of blue shorts and a regular t-shirt. Ayla has on a matching t-shirt and real shorts. The thing that surprises me is, she isn't self conscious of those scars. Not a bit.

         We walk downstairs and see the head mistress lining everyone up. Ugh. We get in line and she counts us. When she gets farther down the line, we run back upstairs and look out the window. There's a black van coming Down the dirt road. They probably want younger kids. While everyone's away, Ayla gets out her new song. It's called "Shattered." It's about a girl, being broken on the inside, and her world is shattered. I love it. It's slow and beautiful. The lyrics are so meaningful. We sit beside each other and laugh.

         We were born for music! I start it off "she's young and broken, but she keeps it together, but her world is... Shattered. Like a piece of glass, after a hurricane. There's nothing there any more where that love used to lie." She sings,"she tells a sad story, the main character herself, but no one even knows." She stops and looks up. 

          A group of guys are just like staring at us. Like in amazement. "Oh hi..." Ayla says. "The head mistress is Gunna kill us!" I whisper in her ear. The guys begin to tell is we were good, but me and Ayla are already running out the door. One of them, a blonde, stops me and says,"wait!" Ayla and I back up and look at these guys. They are like 20. "Y'all are really talented!" He says. "Thank you but we must be going. Head mistress will kill us if we aren't down stairs!" I say, trying to be polite. "Stop! We want to adopt y'all." A guy with a buzz cut says. Adopt us...? Why us? And a group of guys? I'm so lost. But Ayla just smiles and nudges me. 

        "Do you know who we are?" They ask. We shake our heads no. They are out adopters. That's who they are. Out heroes!! They lead us downstairs and tell the head mistress. And I can't believe, that we are finally free.

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