Beaten By Love

I, Emily Crater am not no normal girl. Beaten and bullied at school because of how I look. Beaten at home from my parents. But when I mistake a guy for my prince charming, something bad happens. Will I ever get out of these situations?


1. My Mom, My Life, My Man

My mother was absolutely crazy. She slapped my face, leaving a red mark.

"But mom! I didn't-"

"Shut up!" 

She punched me, making me fall to the ground. She got up , and kicked me out of her way. She left me on the floor, while blood came dripping out of my nose. My mother always left me like this. I got up, and stumbled downstairs, to my "room"

  It was just an extra closet with a bed, a few blankets, a pillow, a diary, a phone, and 

a labtop. The phone and labtop, my mom didn't know about the phone and labtop. My dad got them for me before he became depressed. He's at the bar everyday, all day.

     I opened up my labtop and log on to twitter. "@Emily You smell weird.. And your so dirty! #Gross!!" 


People don't understand me. Only my boyfriend, Carter, he's really sweet.. I drift off  to sleep.

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