Mystery Boy

Sky is a 16 year old girl that does not have any friends. She constantly gets bullied at school and her uncle Rick abuses her. Her parents left her when she was 11 so she had nowhere else to go. What happens when Sky goes into the house everyone says is haunted? Who will she meet along the way? Read more to find out.


2. School

When I got into the school I could already hear there(my bullys)voices in my head saying, your not good enough, ugly, useless, unwanted. I was prepared for whatever they had thrown at me. As I walked through the hall everyone was staring at me. I was bassically the schools freak show. Then James started walking over to me. James is probably my second worst nightmare right after Rick . I dont even want to call him my uncle so I call him Rick. I feel someone slap me. Of course it was James. The name calling began...




After a while I actually started to believe everything he said but I told myself that I wouldnt Let him win.

Everyone was laughing.. I just wished I could dissapear. Then out of nowhere he punshed me in the stomach. I fell to the ground tring not to cry. If he saw me cry then that would mean he won. But I coudnt hold it in and my tears fell out like waterfalls. He kicked me in the gut over and over again while I was on the floor crying. Everyone just watching. Do you know how that feels? Not so good. Finally the bell rang and everyone went to class...except me. I couldnt even move. A teacher found me and thought I was skipping so she brought me to her office and called Rick to come pick me up. Not good. He is going to hit. Extra hard.

I was waiting outside for Rick preparing for whats to come next but honestly there is no way to prepare myself for whats to happen. Rick pulled up, grabbed me by the shirt and threw me in the car. The whole way there he yelled at me but I wasnt really listening. Half because I didnt want to and half because I was still thinking about mystery boy. Something about that house made me want to know more and it was driving me crazy.


Today was like any other day for me. Boring. The only thing I have to look foward to is the mornings. I see this beautiful girl walk by my house every day to go to school. There is something about her. I can tell she dosnt see the beauty in her. I can also tell she gets abused. I see her everyday with a new scar. I know I dont know her but I wish I could just tell her everything will be okay. I have noticed she always stops in front of the house and looks at it. She always seems to be in deep thought. Probably thinking im a freak. It hurts. It really does. People dont know me. Yet they judge me as some emo freak. If only they knew.

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