Mystery Boy

Sky is a 16 year old girl that does not have any friends. She constantly gets bullied at school and her uncle Rick abuses her. Her parents left her when she was 11 so she had nowhere else to go. What happens when Sky goes into the house everyone says is haunted? Who will she meet along the way? Read more to find out.


5. Help!!!!

I woke up the next morning after a dream about Phoenix. I havent had a good dream since my parents left and I thought I never was going too again. I was fealing great...Well besides the fact that I was probably going to get beat up as soon as I walk into the schools hallway but I really didnt care, its like I felt almost as though I was numb from all of the pain. I started to get ready for school and put on the outfit I wear most of the time to school. It was just a plain white tshirt and some baggy jeans. I dont bother to do makeup, my hair, or put in contacts before I go to school because it really wont matter. Ill get bullied anyways. I started to walk down my stairs to walk to school. I was actually feeling happy. That is a feeling I havent felt in a long time but I spoke too soon. As soon as I got down to the last step I felt a large smack go accross my face. The pain stung my face. Rick pushed me on the floor and started kicking me until I started bleeding. "Your so worthless, just like your mom and dad." He spat at me. 'No your not Skylar.' I kept telling myself. "My mom and dad are beter people then you will ever be." I tried yelling at him but I could barely talk. He then kicked me hard in the face. Suddenly a huge evil grin came accross his face. "Are? Dont you mean were? There dead. Did you really think they just left? I got rid of them a long time ago." He said with pure evil in his eyes. My whole heart just stopped beating. The only thing that really mattered to me was dead, and the killer was right next to me. I needed to get away like right now. I kicked him hard in the balls. He fell over in pain. I ran up to my room as fast as I could and grabbed all the money I had which was about $1000 dollars I have saved, my phone and a necklace my parents gave me. I then jumped down my window causing me to hurt my ankle. I got up and ran. I never looked back all though I knew he was close. I didnt know where to go. I guess I only had one choice. Phoenix. I ran as fast as I could but it wasnt very fast because my ankle. I was close so I started to scream for his help. I was now on his doorsteps banging on the door calling for his help and I turn around and see Rick right behind me.

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