Imagine the most important thing you have being ripped away from you. Then the people you love and depend on leaving and betraying you. Now imagine, in your most vulnerable state, someone enters your life, and makes everything worse........
Young Shay is on the brink of discovering the power of the female body, but confounded by the sometimes unsavoury repercussions. She is also an infamous anomaly blazing a path of destruction through a small town, bringing shame to her home and ill repute to her own name. The source of her internal trauma; the most malicious and sexually depraved man you can envision.
She is preyed upon until her fear causes her to push any possible help away, and drives her into a state of depression and suicidal behaviour. Then a hero emerges offering sanctuary; but what he doesn't know, is that she has become so tainted by her environment that even when removed from it she is the most destructive force to herself and those around her.


11. Untamed


Chapter 11

How’s the ankle? He asks as I walk in.

Better, I say signing in.

7:45, not bad.

On crutches and all, I say leaving to change.

I was a bit annoyed that I had to spend my Saturday down here but at least it was my last day. That was if I didn’t find a way to screw this up.

Hey, you beat me by five minutes, Cameron says walking up to me.

Hey Brick, I say.

See what happens when you let the wrong people into your inner circle?

Oh I’m “the wrong people” now? I ask with a laugh.

You need me to help you change? He asks.

No, I say walking off.

When I got back outside I saw that two men, one in a suit was now standing and talking with Chambers.

Who are they? I ask Cameron.

Chambers’ bosses.

For real?

Yeah. The old one in the suit is from probation, the other one’s from the mayor’s office. He’s usually here with the contractor a lot. I heard he was out of town with the mayor but I guess they’re back now. Expect Chambers to be an ass with two holes today.

Guess he can’t take his own medicine, I say smiling.

Come on let’s go see what the YCC are up to.

The what?

The YCC, the Young Criminals Crew.

Oh so you guys have named yourself, wow, I say walking off with him.

I was on light work duty because of my ankle and still taking my time to pack up these boxes. It was about mid day and I was starting to get hungry.

I’ma be back, I say to Cameron grabbing my crutch ready to descend the stairs.

You going out for lunch?

No, bout to go beat up the vending machine you want something?

I could drink a coke, and if you see a Twinkie in there that’s all me, he says as I walk away.

I was about to go back upstairs when I saw Chambers flipping through that clipboard of his. I had been seeing him from upstairs all morning securing the perimeter like a coast guard.

Hey, I say walking up to him.

Hey, he says eyes still on the page he had stopped on.

Coke, Sprite?

He looked up at me.

What are you doing down here don’t you have work to do?

Chill John, it’s almost lunch time.


Okay, um...can we talk? I finally say sensing the tension between us.

I think I gave you enough chances to talk to me yesterday, he says returning his eyes to the sheet of paper.

Okay, you’re obviously mad—

I’m not mad, just busy. You should either go have lunch or get back to work, he says walking off.

I went back upstairs but couldn't help but feel bothered. He totally brushed me off, like that, all this was uncalled for. And if he wasn't mad what was his problem? I waited for a chance to get him alone and I approached him again.

You know today’s my last day I don’t wanna leave like this, I say to him.

Like what? He asks not looking up.

I take the clipboard from his hands and drop it on the table.

Just be an adult about this, what is your problem with me?

He passes his hand through his black hair and then crosses his arms.

Why do you think I have a problem with you? He asks.

The way you’re acting.

I’m acting like someone who was put in charge to look over you, make sure you complete your community service and not get in trouble. I’m not your friend.

Oh, oh so we’re back to you treating me like one of your delinquent charges?

Yeah, and if you think you can shake your tits in my face and make me bend to your will again you’re wrong. Your lunch was over 15 minutes ago get back to work.

To say I was stunned when he picked up his clipboard and walked out would be an understatement.

I opened the door and proceeded to follow him.

Chambers! Hey!

My calls went in vain as he just kept walking, barely stopping once to tell me to get back to work for the last time.


He finally stopped and turned around.

When you speak to me you’ll address me by my title and surname Mr. Chambers do you understand?

Forget that, did you just dismiss me? I ask annoyed.

What do you think?

I don’t get dismissed—

Ms. Brooks this isn't drama club, you can save all that for after 3:00 o’clock when you and I will never have to see each other again. Although with your luck I wouldn't be surprised if we do.

Dude what is up with all this?

I don’t have time for this, get back to work now.

Or what?

You think I’m joking?

What are you gonna do John write me up?

You’re damn right I am, he says.

I snatch a few sheets of paper off his clipboard angrily.

Go ahead, you think you’re scaring me?

Get your ass in that office right now.

Don’t talk to me like that!

You are way out of line. You’re done, he says walking away.

I’m done? I’m done! I call to his back. You’re done! I shout. The whole world is gonna know that we had sex!

He immediately spun around.

You know damn well that didn't happen! He says marching back over to me.

What are people gonna believe you, or the hickey you left on my neck yesterday?  I ask showing it to him.

Shut up! You shut up right now!

Or what! You wanna hit me? Don’t let this crutch fool you, I will ram this up your a—

Mr. Chambers, did I just hear her right?

We both turned our attention to the man in the suit behind him.

She’s lying!He says.

I’d like to speak to you alone, he says in a grave tone before he started walking back.

Chambers wasted no time trailing his heels. Everyone was looking at him now. I didn't mean for this to happen, I didn't want his boss to hear that. I took my crutch and made my way back upstairs where a wounded Cameron was waiting.

So the truth comes out, he says on seeing me.

Cameron now’s not a good time, I say.

I think it’s a great time, you lied to me.

I didn't lie.

Didn't I just hear you say you had sex with him?

I know what I said—

When you kept denying that anything was going on.

Look I know how this looks!

No you don’t. You could have just been straight with me. I mean I get it now; you just don’t like to be attached, because how can I put this? You can suck this but you can’t be with me? He asks grabbing his crotch. What does that make you—

Before he could finish I slapped him across his face. I was not gonna have another guy call me out my name, not today.

Damnit! He says holding his cheek.

Watch your mouth, I say walking off.

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