Imagine the most important thing you have being ripped away from you. Then the people you love and depend on leaving and betraying you. Now imagine, in your most vulnerable state, someone enters your life, and makes everything worse........
Young Shay is on the brink of discovering the power of the female body, but confounded by the sometimes unsavoury repercussions. She is also an infamous anomaly blazing a path of destruction through a small town, bringing shame to her home and ill repute to her own name. The source of her internal trauma; the most malicious and sexually depraved man you can envision.
She is preyed upon until her fear causes her to push any possible help away, and drives her into a state of depression and suicidal behaviour. Then a hero emerges offering sanctuary; but what he doesn't know, is that she has become so tainted by her environment that even when removed from it she is the most destructive force to herself and those around her.


5. Untamed

John I’m sorry I’m—

Late, we talked about this Brooks. You just got one more day added to your service, see you on Saturday morning.

Are you kidding me??? Dude you don’t even know why I’m late!

It doesn't matter, you’ll be doing an extra day for every hour or part there of that you don’t come on time.

This is bullshit!

Not really, you know what is though? You’re helping these boys paint over all that graffiti today.

No I’m not, I say crossing my arms.

Excuse me?He says putting down his clipboard.

Why are you acting like a—

Like your supervisor as opposed to some hot blooded teenager?

My reply was a blank stare.

With a sigh he says; that wall isn’t gonna paint itself Brooks step on it.

I stormed into the back and got changed; then I went in search of Cameron. I found him smoking with two other boys.

What the hell did you give me? I ask angrily walking up to him.

What’s wrong with your mouth? He asks getting up.

Thanks to you I have a tongue ring!

Oh, ohhhh, that’s hot, he says.

Cameron this isn't funny, this shit hurts and I hate how it feels!

Why are you shouting at me? You told me you wanted to get it done.

You drugged me!

No I didn’t! I gave you ecstasy; it makes you do some crazy shit sometimes.

Oh so now you tell me? I gotta get this off my tongue, I say.

Don’t, he says. It becomes easier to get an infection if you remove it, and you can’t kiss anyone for about a week. You’re tripping over nothing, check out my new tattoo.

He had what looked like Hebrew scrolled around his right wrist like a bracelet.

You know how long it took me to track this back to the shop?

I can’t’ remember anything, I say pulling him to the side and away from the others.

Oh, he says.

Oh what?

You showed me your piercing, the other one.

Please tell me you’re talking about my belly ring.


Oh my God, I say holding my forehead.

Well, you didn't exactly show me, you just took your draws off and, you know...since you were wearing a skirt I saw, well....everything.

Oh my God, I repeated. Did....did we have sex?


I held my breath.

I can’t remember. I do remember you giving me head though.

Oh my God.

It’s okay, you were great, really really really great like whew....damn.

Cameron shut up! I can’t believe you!

Yo you threw me against a wall and pulled it out I couldn't stop you.

This is so messed up, I muttered to myself.

Hey, he says turning me around to face him. I wanna marry you because of that.

I push his hands off my shoulders.

This is just a big joke to you, I’m gonna spend the next few weeks wondering if we did it or not! I say.

Look, everything gets hazy after you were.......done, all I remember is us leaving the house cause you wanted to get pierced up, but I’m sure we didn't have sex, he says.

No you’re not.

I’d know trust me, you would too.

I couldn't believe that was his argument for how he knew we didn't have sex.

Brooks! Didn't I put you on paint duty? Get over here, Chambers calls.

What’s your problem Chambers? I ask walking up to him.

You got a problem taking instructions or are you just deaf? He shouts.

Don’t yell at me! I shout back.

 I stood toe to toe with him, looking him dead in the eyeball. I had unintentionally called everyone’s attention to us. He stepped back and walked away, anger in his stride.

I wanna see you downstairs in the office now, he says before descending the stairs.

Take it easy bad ass; Cameron says walking up to me.

Leave me alone; I say brushing him off and heading downstairs.

He sat in the downstairs office looking impatient and upset. I opened the door and walked in.

Take a seat, he says.

I sit down on the couch and cross my legs.

I’m about ready to write a report to the judge that’ll see you doing this for a pretty damn long time; you have anything you wanna say before I start?

I flicked my fingernails as I ignored him.

That’s good, I’m gonna recommend you be sent to juvenile hall since apparently this exercise has done little to improve your behaviour.

He’d be doing me a favour, I hated going home anyways.

Go ahead, I say. Join the long list of people trying to screw up my future.

You’re screwing up your future, he returns.

I was bored with this conversation, time to play.

I’m sorry, I say. Can I go get something out the vending machine? I’m starving.

It can wait, he says sharply.

I haven’t eaten all morning, I say.

Two minutes, he says fanning me away.

Moments later I returned with a Popsicle in hand. I sat on the couch and carefully unwrapped it. Extreme cold or hot probably wasn't a good idea with my tongue still healing around this ring, but it was worth the attempt doing this. I traced my tongue around the long red icicle, constantly moving my tongue back and forth before taking it in my mouth.

Mmm....this is....good, I moan licking my lips slowly, then biting down on them.

He was looking at me like he was in a trance, and I looked back at him, caressing the treat with my tongue, allowing the sticky juice to drip down my hand and off my lips. I sucked on my fingers and lapped up the residue on my hand, then I went back to working the stick, moaning in between. I kept pushing it in and out of my mouth, in and out, in and out. He was completely gone by the time I was done.

I sucked on my fingers suggestively, making sure not to break eye contact with him. He was flushed and as stiff as a corpse. The phone on the desk next to him started ringing; he didn't budge, almost like he couldn't  I got up strolled across to it and picked up the receiver.

Hello? I say. Yes he’s here but he can’t come to the phone right now can I take a message?

I took one of the pens tucked in his shirt pocket and scribbled the person’s name and call back number on a piece of paper.

Okay, bye, I say before hanging up. Joe from probation called, I say to him. You should probably call him back it sounded urgent, I say.

With his pen clenched between my teeth, I walked out of the office leaving the note behind.

Chambers was no fool and I knew this. He would regroup and try to come at me again with that report talk. I decided to grab a bucket of paint and brush and go outside. I ignored the losers trying to run game, and made sure he saw me painting that wall when he came outside. The day was hot and I was hating it. I caught him looking at me; I turned around and looked back at him. I saw him looking at me in “that way” every time he came around to check on us. I smiled, flirted without words. Men are so easy to mess with.

I kept playing with that little ball on my tongue. The swelling went down and I think I was actually starting to get accustomed to it, accepting it as a new part of me.

I had just gotten changed at the end of the work day when we crossed paths.

Hey, I say smiling at him.

Hey, good work today, he says.

Thanks, I return.

He avoided looking at me and that made me smile. I had infiltrated his system and he couldn't deny it, we both knew.

Hey, you heading out? Cameron asks coming around the corner.

Yeah, I say.

I’ma walk with you.

Okay, I say leaving with him.

He tried to get me to come out with him tonight, but I’d had enough, one night per week was all I could take. I didn't need another piercing or worse a tattoo.

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