The Domain of Death Himself

Xanthus is Death, and Death has a busy life, as you'd imagine. What with the scythe work and the whole soul collecting stuff. His days are long and kind of dull, until he meets a certain, someone.


10. "I have an allergy to sunlight..."

After yesterday’s little incident Xanthus was being very cautious where he went during the day, after all he did spend most of the day on his own, a lot more vulnerable than if he had his gorillas with him. To be completely honest the fact he’d beaten the seven men single-handedly was really due to the fact he’d accidently brought his new scythe with him, he’d strapped it to his back and put his coat on to see the affect, and had then remembered his appointment and rushed from his tiny room of a home.


He wondered the streets armed to the teeth (literally, his shark jaws were lethal) with knives and his new smaller scythe under his coat.

People, as usual, stared at him, whispering to their companions and even going as far as pointing and yelling rude things at him, but though Xanthus was used to all that rubbish during every other day, on that particular day every stare was a glare of hostility, every mutter was a plan. It was very nerve racking.


“Hey you!” A male voice behind him called, his thuggish, but young voice gave the impression he was showing off to his other thuggish friends.

Xanthus turned and waved. “Yes?” He asked brightly, readying himself.

“What’re you? A freak? Why you wearing so many layers in the middle of summer?” The boy shouted he wore a red t-shirt with strange patterns on the front and black trousers that hung far below his hip bones, showing his blue underwear.

“I have an… allergy to sun.” Death replied, behind his glasses a smile spread across his face, the boys all seemed weak, if they kept going like they were he’d have a good chance to vent his frustration and anger out on them after losing so many of his men.

“Allergy? Who the hell has an allergy to the freaking sun?!”

“A few people actually… look it up… it really is an allergy, I might even… die.” He smiled again and sized up all of the people there.

“We’ll see about that, unluckily for you I’m in a bloody bad mood right now!” The boy grinned and looked back at his companions looking like a fool.

“Oh, well I’m so sorry to hear that.” Xanthus replied, still smiling mischievously behind his layers. “And are you really angry enough to hurt someone, now, now that isn’t nice at all…”

“Well it’s a bloody bad mood so honestly I don’t give a flying damn about what allergies you have.” The boy began to approach Death with a maniac glint in his eyes. If he could see the border line crazed look in the man’s eyes he was trying to intimidate he would have turned tail and ran, yelling for his mommy to save him. As he stepped closer Xanthus decided it was the right time to unwrap his layers. He lowered the hood and took off the scarf that covered his face and dropped his sunglasses to the floor, as he did so he drew out a large black umbrella, shielding him from the sun’s rays.

“What happened to your allergy?” The boy asked, laughing scornfully.

“Why do you think I have and umbrella, it’s obviously for-”

“Wait! What the hell’s up with your teeth?! They’re all sharp and weird! Hey, hey, can you see that? How weird is this guy, getting his teeth done all sharp for no reason, you had ‘em covered anyway!”

“What do you mean, done all sharp? These are completely natural, thank you very much!” Xanthus exclaimed smiling and baring his second row of fanged canines. Behind the now still boy one of his friends muttered something then dropped to the floor with a thud, the others just gawked.

“Whoa!  Graham! This man’s weird! We should, like, leave now!” A girl with long hair pulled into a messy bun and a pair of long baggy trousers stepped forward towards ‘Graham’ and placed a firm hand on his shoulder.

Xanthus plucked a folded stick from the depths of his coat and straightened it out and leaned on it heavily, it was a black cane with a plain curved handle. “That’s not very nice…” He said shortly, pouting and looking at the girl. She stared at him for a while then gasped.

“Hey, look at his eyes! They’re white, pure white! So weird!” She yelped and launched herself backwards again like an idiot. “That’s gross! Can you even see?!”

“Of course I can! I’m not a strange blind man with shark teeth and a serious allergy to the sun. I am a strange man who can see with shark teeth and an allergy to the sun. Okay?!” Malcolmson laughed still baring his rows of teeth.

“Come on Gray! Just leave it!” She added, pulled at the boys arm.

“Uh… Nah! I’m still bloody moody, maybe fighting this freak will make me feel a little better, eh? What do you think, freak?”

“I do have a name you know!” Xanthus snapped, he still hated being called such degrading names.

The boy advanced, leaving the clinging girl behind him. He raised his fists and called out another insult.

“Wait, just like that? Are you sure?” Death reached behind him and let his hair loose from its restraining hair band letting it drop around his face…



The fight was over before it had even really started. Graham lay on the floor groaning with his cronies, the girl was crouching, screaming in a corner behind a load of bins, a long plank of wood clutched in her hands.

                “That was rather dull…” He said to her, not bothering to shout over her shrieks. He casually polished the blood from his cane with an old tissue. 

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