The Seconds before Death

I'm dying. Leaving the world. This is what I saw.


1. Prologue

Olivia is dying.

Oddly enough that isn't the first though to pop into her head as she lays on the ground, arms and legs sprawled out like a forgotten rag doll. People have started to gather, their faces contorted with worry and panic. The drive of the car is shouting his defence,

"She ran out in front of me! Surely you can see it wasn't my fault!" His pleas are unheard as the crowd grows and people start to punch 999 into their mobiles. They aren't quite sure what happened, it was all so fast but now they see this girl and they know she needs help. 

But I am forgetting the main point here am I not? Her name is Olivia. She is 16 years old and as I mentioned she is dying. She doesn't know this yet but already her mind in some ways is prepared. It shows her 5 times in her life. 5 very important parts of Olivia's life that in some ways show her what she never saw while she was living them. They are so important that they are quite frankly the reason she is here. Each one only lasts for a second but show so much it seems impossible that Olivia's mind could take it. They are by no means happy memories. They are ones of heartbreak, family, love and tears. But please to not be hesitant because at the moment I am telling the story of Olivia, the girl who is dying. Very soon I shall be telling the tale of Olivia, the girl who is dead.

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