a name

A name can mean a lot to some one, and people should respect that...
(p.s. this is not a celbrity POV, or fanfiction, this is my view)


1. a name

A name has so much history. It's funny how something so small can have so much meaning. A name is part of you. You shouldn't be judged by it, but a lot if people are. People can also acquire a name. It can be a friendly name based on an inside joke, or a event that stuck. But some people don't like nicknames, they have their reasons. I don't 't like being called a nickname because my name has too much history for me handle. And I think people should respect that. I think people should listen when someone says don't give me a nickname.

Nicknames aren't all fun, sometimes people can use them to hurt someone. If a name has a significance to someone, and they don't want you to call them a nickname then that's they're choice.

You may be wondering why I wrote this, it's because people in my English class have been calling me Mivers.  It's after my surname. But I don't like nicknames, because of my history. My history gives my surename a lot of significance to me, it's something I don't want, but I have no choice in the matter. I have asked people multiple times not to call me a nickname, but only my friends comply. It's something special to me, something I don't like being messed with. Because it's part of a horrible history. I appreciate and respect that you might not like a nickname, all I ask is you do the same.

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