Love Bites

Harry: 19 years old in human years, vampire, curly brown hair, green eyes (when not a full vampire), controlling personality.

Emily: 18 years old, mortal, straight dirty-blonde hair, brown eyes, easily controlled personality

What happens when these two meet? Read to find out!


2. Lunch! In More Ways Than One

~Emily's POV~


-At my House-


"Emily!!! Get up I need you to go out" my mom called to me from her room.

"UGHH!! Why can't you do it?!" 

"Because it's 8:00am!"

"Why does it make any difference for me? I'm tired too!"

"Because I'm your mother and I said so!!"

"Fine!" So I sprung out of bed! Yea.... No! I actually rolled out of bed and hit my head really hard on the floor, "OW!!" When I finally got up off the floor I did my bathroom routine. Then I carefully picked out my outfit! You never know when you could see an absolutely gorgeous guy walking by you, in the same line, or on magazines and posters EVERYWHERE! Ok so I picked out my "i <3 british boys" top, jean shorts, and my black converse. Then I walked to Starbucks which is just down the street.


-At Starbucks-


I didn't plan on going to Starbucks, but I had to go so I decided to sit for a little bit and text before I ordered. I felt... watched, so I turned around and OMG it was Nathan Sykes from The Wanted! Now, I'm not the biggest fan of them but he's famous!!!! Then he came up to me!!!





Sorry for the wait thats it for now. If you wanna be in the story comment about yourself Louis' is already taken by my friend, Harry's is too obviously! xx -Emily


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