Children Of Lords and SErvant (Sequel to Daughter of the LOrd and Lover of teh Serven)

LEo is falling head over heels for a girl named Taylor Hally Wesley she is daughter of Gorge and her cousen almost twin Angie they are known for their pranking and sillyness they want to own their dads joke shop when the are older.Julie is starting to have a thing for a boy who is a beter on the Gryffendor team oh yea did I tell you all the kids are in Gryffendor and their parents are happy anyway off topic She is going for Jasper Henry Fudge Fudges son and he is perfect he is Carmille blound haired with big brown eyes and has a dimpple's his hair is a bit curly.Its time for Kassy to start and Lenten is starting back to and they had the baby it was a girl they named her Ashly Kay Malfoy but they call her Ash. she has Black hair and Grey-blue snake slits and she is tots cute.And thats all... Love Lily their years Twins 3 Scorpios 4 Lenten 2 and Kassy is 1.Luna and Neville are Married Luna a Wand maker and Neville Depty Headmaster of Hogwarts Daughter Mary Jana LongBottom


2. Chapter 2 (Julie)

I looked down at Gem "Only a week to go." I sighed My Sister and Brother are going to have fun with their first year." I laughed a bit to myself I started Brushing my Brown curly hair I have my Dads hair like but mines wavy like my twin and Mums My eyes are Bluish Green Like my twin Were the Gods of 3 year our older brother Looks like dad completely and is in his 4 year Lenten has Brown hair like Mums but dads eyes and  Kassy Has Black wavy hair and Bright Blue eyes Rosie is a 5 year old know and has Black and blond hair like our Grandma its a bit Wavy and Greyish Blue eyes Romeo is 4 and has curly blond hair and grey eyes my 9th sibling is a month old and has Brown eyes like our Mums Dad and Dark Red hair Like our Mums,Mums we never meet her Mum she died when Mom was young. I ran down stairs and Bumped in to Scorpios "Scorpios that hurt." I whined he helped me up and then gave me some eggs and Pancakes "thanke's Scorp ." I said and started eating Mum came down with Rosie and Romeo and Ash "Hey Kids." Dad came in "Hey Everyone I got to go I am the M-" cut him off everyone said "Minster Of Magic." We laughed at his face Mum kissed him and he was off I Scratched my head a bit and laughed at my Twin Leo "LEO STOP THAT." Mum yelled at him he was putting Quills up his nose he took them out Mumbling "OLD WEMON DONT LET U HAVE ANY FUN." a bit to loud I ran up to my room to see an Owl from my Best friend Rose Wesley her owl is black and named Remix "Hey Re." I smiled and took the letter from his beck and un did it (Dear Jul how are you?? I hope well and cant wait to see you at Dagion Ally ::Love Ro.) I smiled and I sent is back with Re-Re A nether owl flied in its a big Barn owl Aka Dept. Headmaster Neville LongBottom his Wife Luna and him have a daughter she's in my year Mary Jana LongBottom her mum is a and maker like Olivander My wand is from her its a long Black one with a rose at the Handle and its vines going up it blooms when I touch it its a blue rose Phoenix Tail feather My brothers is a Long Honey colored with a lizard going down it its a big green one its a Dragon Hart string Lenten's is a light brown and it has a snake going down it  and the head is were you hold it its a Unicorn Hair Kassy just got hers its a Black like my colors it has stars on it they glow when she touch's it its a Dragon Heart string Scorpios is A Unicorn hair and ITs a Whit with a S that moves around it. Kassy ran in to my room her hands holding her cat close to her "Help Lent is trying to hurt Harmony." is her cat its a big brown fluffy ball and has big ice blue eyes her owl is called Solo and is A Big Barn owl and has red eyes Lenten ran in holding his cat its a big Fluffy ball to his cats name is Rich cause its a Honey color and has big Silver eyes his owl is a big Dark Red owl with Big Blue eyes he named it Randy "Okay you two what's up??" Lenten looked at me "her Cat was trying to hurt Rich.!" and then Kassy stood up "WAS NOT." "WAS TEO." "OKAY SHUT UP AND STOP ACTING LIKE BABYS!!" they looked at me with hurt and I dint care at all "Go know its time for lunch.". (Monday comes around). I woke up to Leo banging on my door "GET UP LAZY ASS..." he yelled and I got up opened my door and slapped him died in the face I looked at my phone "OH DAME ITS 10 O'clock" I rushed around he room getting ready a few  minutes later I was done "Okay I am ready to go." I yelled my trunk going down stairs  Dad grabbed our trunks and lorded them in the car we all started off for the train station. We ran in fast I ran through the Wall first and hurried off to find Rose and get on we sat with her family and mine all in on compartment  all our animals running wiled playing together me and Albus again having a nether thumb war me betting him once Again " give up already you suck at it." I laughed at him laying my head-on his shoulder getting tiered okay so Its Rose, Hugo, Kassy, Lenten, Leo ,Albus, Lily, James Scorpios their in the same year James and Scorp, Mary , and last but not least Lily is in her 2 year as my brother and Hugo and Kassy are both in first , Taylor , her almost twin but there fathers our but their cousins  Angie, Last but not least Jasper Fudge Albus's best guy friend and Jaspers younger  Sister she's in her 2 year Kayla Bane Fudge  yay how do we fit all of us in here magic we expanded it...

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