Children Of Lords and SErvant (Sequel to Daughter of the LOrd and Lover of teh Serven)

LEo is falling head over heels for a girl named Taylor Hally Wesley she is daughter of Gorge and her cousen almost twin Angie they are known for their pranking and sillyness they want to own their dads joke shop when the are older.Julie is starting to have a thing for a boy who is a beter on the Gryffendor team oh yea did I tell you all the kids are in Gryffendor and their parents are happy anyway off topic She is going for Jasper Henry Fudge Fudges son and he is perfect he is Carmille blound haired with big brown eyes and has a dimpple's his hair is a bit curly.Its time for Kassy to start and Lenten is starting back to and they had the baby it was a girl they named her Ashly Kay Malfoy but they call her Ash. she has Black hair and Grey-blue snake slits and she is tots cute.And thats all... Love Lily their years Twins 3 Scorpios 4 Lenten 2 and Kassy is 1.Luna and Neville are Married Luna a Wand maker and Neville Depty Headmaster of Hogwarts Daughter Mary Jana LongBottom


1. Chapter 1(Leo'sPov)

I walked down Julie behind me wiht the new baby and all Ash is okay I mean she dosnt cry as much as Romeo why they named him that I dont know Oh yea I never told you who I am I am Leo Rome Malfoy Romseo is from my mums favret movie and so is Julie but I think she said its Juliet but My twin is Julie "Hey Jul." I yelled to her she looked up from her book this is our 3 year cant wait to get back to Hogwarts Mum says we shouldnt know who are grandfather is from her part I dont fight with her Lol learn alot wiht living wiht my familiy "DAD!!!!" I yelled I still cant belivie Dad is Ministern Of Magic "What and stop yelling do you hear me." Dad had got in here "I cant find my cat."
 Yes I have a cat and a Owl all of my siblings have one of each "Lord have you seen Halo." yes my Cats id Halo my Owl is Star my sisters is a white cat as mine is Black they are related and both very puffy they both have Green eyes hers is named Bell her owl is named Gem couse she has pink eyes like a Gems she says I would laugh but IU cant Mum has a snake named Halo shes dead I felt bad Mum looked hurt when she talked about anything in the old days I dont think anything will make her happy when she's sad about that I think I will look it up when I get back I walked back to my room.NIght NIGHT .....(yowns and lays down and falls asleep)

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