The Story of Emma White ( completed )

Hello everyone . This is my first fanfiction hope you like it . It talks about the 18 years old Emma White that met Harry Styles the one that changed her life .


8. Will you marry me ?

Emma's POV : I've been living with Harry for 4 months and my life couldn't be better . Our life is full of love and happiness . Harry is so romantic and kind . He loves me from the bottom of his heart , well I do too . Today we're going to the doctor . We entered the clinic . I was so nervous , " Emma White " the doctor called my name . "Please lay down " the doctor said , then he put some gel on my tummy and rubbed it with a small machine " can you see this white spot ? This is your baby " harry held my hand and we smiled . " Would you like to know the sex of your baby ? " - "Sure " we said " well she's a baby girl " - " OMG we're gonna name her Darcy " Harry said . We left the clinic , harry said that we're going to have a walk on the beach . Harry's POV : I can't believe I just saw my baby girl , Darcy . Now I'm taking Emma to the beach where I'm gonna propose . The boys are waiting me over there . Emma's POV : The beach was empty , there was no one there except us . Harry told me to wait him , he's going to buy us something to drink , but he's been away for 15 minutes or more . Suddenly I heard a sound of music . I turned around to find harry singing last first kiss with the boys and Niall is playing the guitar . When the song was done Harry sat down on one knee and he took out a diamond ring from his pocet " Emma White will you marry me ? I promise to love you and protect you always and forever " I didn't believe it , I was shocked . I wasn't able to say any word , I just cried and gave my hand to Harry so he could put the ring in my finger . " So I'll take it as a yes " Harry said these words and we kissed . The boys were clapping and the fireworks filled the sky . This is my story with Harry Styles , the guy that changed my life and made me live in heaven .
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