The Story of Emma White ( completed )

Hello everyone . This is my first fanfiction hope you like it . It talks about the 18 years old Emma White that met Harry Styles the one that changed her life .


3. OMG Jason !!

I arrived home . My hands were shaking as I opened the door . I entered to find Jason laying on the sofa with empty vodka bottles around him . " Jason please wake up , look I'm back and I promise everything will be okay " Jason slowly opened his eyes " Baby please forgive me , I didn't mean to hurt you I love more than anything in my life " - " I love you too , now you should have a shower and go to sleep for a while " We kissed and then Jason went upstairs to the toilet . I started crying , I was ashamed of myself . How can I do this to Jason the one that I'm gonna complete my life with him ?! I started thinking what to do , then I decided to forget what happened and complete my life normally , I can't ruin Jason's life . ____________________________________________________ The next morning when I opened my eyes Jason wasn't next to me . I received a message " Hey it's Harry , is everything okay ? I'm sorry if I caused you any problems . Anyway I miss you , can we meet ? " OMG now Harry needs to meet me , I can't do this . " Hey Harry , everything is okay but please forget me , forget what happened between us , I'm engaged and I'm going to get married soon , so please forget everything and never send me messages or call me " *few minutes later* " okay I'll try to forget you , but in case you needed me I'll be waiting for you <3 "
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