A Beautiful Beast -Harry Styles-

A beast is what they call him.

A beast is all he's known for. 

He's been the beast ever since the accident. 

He doesn't talk to anyone without losing his temper. 

The only way to break this beast and let his true self out is a beauty.

Not just any beauty.

But one beauty, the only beauty, can heal what they call "The Beast."


1. Same

Chapter 1


     I did the exact thing I did everyday since the accident when I got home. I went straight to my room and locked myself in. I then pulled out my journal along with a pencil.

     I went to a therapist once and she gave me this journal. She said to write everydays events in it and my feelings. She said it would make me better. But nothing did. No one can take away the pain I still feel today.


     "H-Harry you promised." She said tears coming out of her eyes.

     "I-I'm sorry I-I" she cut me off. 

     "You lied. If you really loved me this wouldn't have happened." More blood. 

     "I said I was sorry!" I yelled through the rain.

     "But your truly not." Was what she said before her eyes rolled back into her head.


     "Harry are you okay?" Louis said breaking me out of my trance.

     "I'm fine. Now please leave me alone." I said through my teeth. 

     "But Harry I-" I interrupted him. 

     "I said leave me alone!" I yelled and he sighed and shut the door. I didn't mean to be mean to him I just didn't  understand. How can he be so nice to me? I don't deserve it. He should be mad. Mad! I punched the wall. 

     Just breathe Harry just breathe. I sat down and grabbed my pencil. I started writing down today's events. Today was different some reason. I saw someone. Someone who looked and reminded me of a lot like her. 



     "Tori hurry up and order it took me five seconds and you're taking five hours." I said. We were in line at Starbucks and she was currently holding up the line. 

     "I'm thinking......I'm thinking....I'm thinking... Oh I got it!" Everyone in the line cheered. I laughed. "Oh wait no, nevermind." Everyone groaned. I just laughed again. 

     "Tori I'm seriously gonna ditch you if you don't hurry it up." I said honestly. I just wanted my coffee and she was the person holding it up. 

     "Ugh, fine. I want a venti mocha cookie crumble frap." Finally. 

     "That's gonna be $10.75 all together ma'am." The cashier said and I handed him the cash. We sat down at a table until our coffees were done. 

     "So Tori," I said starting conversation. 


     "How's Mike?" She just started laughing. 

     "Oh that hooligan? We ended a long time ago."

     "But I just met him last week."

     "By a long time ago I meant last Friday okay? It just feels like a long time ago."

     "Right." I said right as a lady called our names to get our coffees. "Don't worry I'll get them," I said walking over there. 

     I grabbed the coffees and turned around bumping into someone spilling coffee on both of our shirts.

     "Watch where you're going!" He exclaimed. 

     "I-I'm sorry I-I didn't mean to." I said looking up. And as soon as I did his expression turned from angry to shocked. 

     "Z-Zoe?" He stuttered. Who was that? He must've mistakened me for someone else. 

     "Sorry?" He blinked a few times and then his expression went blank. 

     "J-just nothing. Don't be sorry it was my fault. I should've look where I was going here's some money to pay for your coffee." He said and handed me a was of money before leaving. I counted the money and my eyes went wide. $200! I ran outside to see if I could still give it back but he was gone. I wonder where he went. 



     It was weird and shocking at the same time. She looked so much like her. I hoped I would never see her again because it hurt too much to look at her. But a really small part of me wanted to run into her again. Just once. 

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