What would you do if your best friend got sent away. Two years ago Carolinn and Harry were super close. If she had a problem she would always run to him. Whenever she needed someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on she would go to Harry. He makes promises he can't keep it seems as if Harry was more important to her then she was to him. Everything she knew was ripped away from her. Harry comes back a completely different person it's like she's a stranger to him. How could you forget the most important person in your life. How could you go on acting as if they never existed. Join me on their journey......


4. our get together

One of the most annoying things to wake up to is your alarm blarring in your ears. I sigh and shut my alarm off. Niall has already called me three times, he's probably paniciking right now, thinking I'm not gonna go. I throw the blankets off of me, I decide not to call Niall until I am ready. I'm used to this by now, he always wants to be one of the first ones to show up places. Me on the other hand I don't care how late we are. I personally wanna just stay in bed, but I can't I did tell him earlier this week I would go with him. I take a pair of shirts out of my dresser drawers, I head to my closet and pick out a navy blue tanktop. I make my way to the bathroom. I turn the water to the right tempature before stepping in. Once I'm in I wash quickly, I was never one for staying in the shower longer then what I needed to, I wash and get right out. I shut the water off, I reach for the nearest towel. I step out and wrap myself in the towel. I take my hand and run it over the mirror to get rid of the steam. I brush through my tanglets, after I'm done brushing my hair I brush my teeth. I decide to let my hair dry by itself. I'm way too lazy to do anything with it. I put some mascara, eyeliner, and a little bit of foundation to hide my imperfections. I head to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich. I know Liam will have some food there for us to eat, but I like to eat alot before I drink. As I take the last bite of my sandwich my phone goes off. "Hello." "Hey I'm around the corner you ready?" "Yea." "Okay, I'll beep when I'm outfront." He tells me before he hangs up. I hurry and put my sink in the dish. I know Dana isn't gonna like that I left it there, but I really have no time to clean it. Niall's horn goes off. I grab my phone and keys and head out the door. The passangers side door is already opened. Niall must have reached over and opened it for me. I climb inside his truck. I never understood why he had his parents buy him such a big vehicle, he's tiny. I shut the door and Niall drives off. Liam's house isn't that far it only takes about 10 minutes to get there. He told us to just pull into the garage, Niall did as he was told. Niall shuts off the engine, I unbuckle my seatbelt and jump out of the truck. I shut the door behind me. "Linn can you help me with this?" "Yea sure." I answer him as I make my way around to his side of the car. "Why did you buy all this beer?" I question. "I like my pints you know that, plus there's suppose to be more people than usual." "I thought you said this was just for close friends" "I knew if I told you the truth you woudn't have came." He answers. I sigh because he's right. I never liked partying much. I mean I like to drink but not around a bunch people. When people get drunk they tend to do stupid shit. I help grab two out of the five cases he bought. We go through the garage side door and end up in Liam's kitchen. When we walk in there's at least fifty people. Niall gives me an apologectic look. I set the beer down on the kicthen table as so does Niall. I watch as he puts two cases in the fridge. I look around for anyone that I know, I sigh when I only see a few people. Most of the people here I have never seen before. I watch as Liam and Dana make their way over to us. Niall already has a beer in his hand, handing me one. I take it and crack it open. "About time you two made it." Liam states. "For a minute there we thought you weren't coming." Dana adds. "If I would have knowing all these people were gonna be here then no I wouldn't have came." I said taking a sip of my beer. "Oh lighten up buttercup, we're gonna have fun." Niall buts in. I just glare at him. We head to the frontroom where we would normally be watching movies. It's covered in sweaty teeneagers dancing to music. There's three tables set up. One fore beer pong, one for flippy cup, and one for cards. The music is too loud for my liking, I never understood why people liked their music so loud, it gives me a head ache. "So which game you wanna play first?" Niall asks breaking me out of my thoughts. "None." I snap. "Are you really that mad at me?" "I would have liked if you would have told me." "But we both know if I did you wouldn't have came." He states. I know he's right and I know I'm being kinda harsh. But he also knows I hate parties. He gives me puppy dog eyes. He know I hate when it he does that he wins everytime. I give into him no matter what. "Stop." "No." "You know I can't say no to that look it's unfair." I say as I cross my arms. "I know why do you think I do it?" He questions cocky. "Fine, flippy cup. Same teams?" I ask. "Always." I sigh and we head to the table. It's Liam, Dana, Myself, And Niall. Against Robbie, Morgan, Tony, and Blake. Flippy cup has to be the easiest drinking game there is. You fill your cup with a drink of beer, you cheers your cup with the person across from you. You drink that sip of beer and flip your cup. Your teamates do the same until the last one finishes. Whichever team flips all their cups first wins. But don't get me wrong if you play this game long enough it will get you wasted. I can't even tell you how many games my team won. Everyone even stopped what they were doing to watch us or challenge us. We probably already played everyone twice. I'm starting to feel a little dizzy but I want to continue drinking, I'm actually having fun. "I have to go to the bathroom." I shout over the loud music. "Want me to go with?" "No just stay here and look for a challenge." I giggle. I make my way upstairs, the downstairs bathroom is already occupied. I finish peeing and washing my hands. I turn the light off and head back downstairs. I make my way over to the table. "Find anyone?" "Nope, not worth it anyways." "What's the fun in that?" I question. "We could always play against Dana and Liam." Niall states. "We could." I answer. Niall and I stay on one side of the table. Liam and Dana make their way around to the other side. We each fill our cups. I have been too focused on this game that I haven't even noticed how crowded it has gotten in here. "You're going down." Dana yells. "You wish." I retaliate. I grabbed hold of my cup, I watched as Dana brings her's up as well. She was smiling like a complete idiot, but I'm sure I looked the same. We cheers and the race was off. I threw the cup back and swollowed as fast as I could. I placed the cup on the table and began to flip it, I got it within two tries. Dana was still trying to flip. "Niall what the hell are you doing, go." I shout. Niall was frozen. "I bet you can't beat me." The all too formilar voice says.
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