What would you do if your best friend got sent away. Two years ago Carolinn and Harry were super close. If she had a problem she would always run to him. Whenever she needed someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on she would go to Harry. He makes promises he can't keep it seems as if Harry was more important to her then she was to him. Everything she knew was ripped away from her. Harry comes back a completely different person it's like she's a stranger to him. How could you forget the most important person in your life. How could you go on acting as if they never existed. Join me on their journey......


3. day continued

Maybe I'm just seeing things, maybe that's not really him. I hope it's not him I wouldn't know what to say to him after two years, I don't really know if I would say anything to him at all. I have to remind myself he forgot about me. He left me here waiting all this time for a call or text. I always wanted an explanation as to why he just gave up on me, but now that I'm faced with that oppurtunity I'm not sure I wanna take it. I always thought it was something I did for him to walk out for good. Maybe I said the wrong thing the last time we talked. There's no other reason why he would just forget about his bestfriend. Maybe I never meant that much to him. Growing up Harry was my everything. I never had alot of friends. Harry was the popular one but no matter what he always made time for me. He would stick up for me when someone said the wrong thing to me, he hated when people would pick on me.


"Are you sure that's him, he looks different then when you desribed him before."


Which he did he didn't have that curly hair that fell on his forehead anymore. It was push back you could see tiny little ringlets around his ears and his neck. He was covered in tattoos, before he left he didn't have a single one. He was alot taller and muscular.


"Yea that's him. I guess he just grew up." I state answering Niall's question.


"Are you gonna go talk to him?"


"Oh god no. I have no idea what I would even say. Honestly I'm hoping he has no idea it's even me."


"I thought you wanted this?" Niall asks confused.


"I thought I did too, Ni."


I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding. The whole time Harry was gone I wanted nothing more for him to come back. I just wanted to see his face. But as I continue to stare at him I no longer recognize him. The Harry I knew is long gone. I hope I look different too, it will make it harder for him to know who I am, not that he even cares. I just want life to stay as it is right now. I link my arm in Niall's and I pull on it in the direction of the frontdoors. Niall sighs and I know it's because he atleast wanted me to say something to Harry, I just don't have the courage to, I'm a coward.


Harry was not alone when I seen him. He was with two other boys. One was a little shorter then Harry, he was super loud, I heard him from acrossed the field. Just like Harry he was coverd in tattoos. The other boy was around the same height as Harry, he had black hair and he was no where near as loud as the other boy. He too had tattoos. I wonder if they met in bootcamp. I wonder how long Harry has been out. I always had hope that when he did finally get out he would some how get ahold of me. But today is proof that, that wasn't his intentions. I now know everyone was right that I should have gave up on him like he did me. I was just too stupid, girl's like to think of life a damn fairytale and it's not.


Niall walked me to my locker, waiting for me to get my literature book. Niall was always too lazy to walk to his locker so I let him use mine. My locker was alot closer to our classes, his locker was all the way on the other side of the building. We share everything else so why not my locker.


"You gonna be okay Linn?"


"Yea, I just can't believe he is back. Do you think he goes here?"


"I doubt it he doesn't seem like a college boy, if you know what I mean."


I watched as Niall locked the locker. I knew exactly what he meant. He was talking about the way Harry dressed, the way he looked. The way him and his new friends looked like they didn't give a shit about anything. Looking at Harry and then look at me you would have never been able to tell we were once bestfriends. Were complete opposites, I run around in sweats and a baggy t-shirt. I'm not one to dress to impress. I feel no need for it just to go to school. Him on the other hand has skinny jeans on and a form fitting white t-shirt. I have never seen him in skinny jeans. When we were younger he said he would never wear them. I wonder if I ever knew him at all now that I think about it. I wonder if he still has a relationship with his parents after all they been through. I doubt it he has always been so stubborn.


Seeing as it's monday Niall and I only have three classes. I'm relieved when I hear the last bell of the day go off. I rush out of the classroom not even waiting for Niall. I know I will either meet him at my locker or outside by his car. I put my books back in my locker and close it, Niall is no where in sight so I head outside. Harry and his friends are in the same spot I seen them this morning. I watch has he takes a hit of a cigarette, that's another thing he said he would never do. I stare at him in disgust, he has changed so much since the last time I seen him. As I continue to stare I see a girl heading in their direction. I watch as she walks right up to Harry pressing her lips to his. If he already has a girlfriend here that means he's been out for awhile. I watch as Harry pulls away, he says something to her. She turns around and presses her back to his chest he wraps his arms around her.


Where is Niall and what the hell is taking him so long. I wanna look away but for some reason I can't. All I can do is just stare at the two of them. I don't know if I'm jealous that he has a girlfriend or if it's the fact that I'm not the girl in his life anymore. I watch Harry as he slide his sunglasses down the bridge of his nose. A smile forms on his lips as he stares in my direction. I look around and no one else is around me. I'm confused is he smiling at me or what.


"Linn." Niall calls as he makes his way out of the doors.


I run up to him and cover his mouth.


"Would you be quiet, he's still over there. I believe he just smiled at me. We gotta go like now." I whisper shout.


I let go of his mouth and he nods.


Niall unlocks the car doors. I climb in and throw the seatbelt across my chest. As Niall reverses I stare at Harry and his crew with one hand around the girls waist he raises his other hand and waves at me. I watch as his girlfriend hits him in the chest. I feel my heart sink. I pray he doesn't know who I am. I just want him to continue with his life as I continue with mine. The ride back to my house is silent, I'm sure Niall has no idea what to say. I can't believe what just happened. I wanna forget all about it. Niall finally pulls up to my house, I unbuckle my seatbelt and open the door.


"You going to Liam's tonight he's suppose to have a small get together for close friends?"


"I'm not sure, I kinda just wanna sleep." I state.


"Don't let him stop your life. You were all for this two days ago, You're going Linn I won't take no for an answer. Be ready by eight I'll be here to get you."


"Ugh, I guess." I smile.


I watch as Niall drives away. I make my way to my frontdoor. I slip the key in and turn the knob.


"Dana." I call out.


She doesn't answer, I'm guessing she's at Liam's probably helping him set up for later on. Getting together the first Monday of every sememster is something we have always done. Just a few close friends sit around Liam's frontroom eating junk food, telling stories and occasionally sipping some cold beer. I've always enjoyed our get together's, they never got out of hand. We never had to worry about a fight breaking because we all got on really well. I decide to take a nap, it's only three so I have five hours until Niall shows up to take me to Liam's. I set my alarm for three and a half hours. I slip out of my sweats and put on a pair of shorts. As soon as I lay my head on the pillow sleep instantly takes over.


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