summer love

Jeimy thinks she's going to have the worst summer of her life when she has to move in with her dad for the summer. But what she didn't know was that this summer was going to be unforgettable when she meets someone that stole her heart.


2. You may kiss the bride

When I turned to him It was Harry Styles I had seen him on my friend's wall. It made me even more nervous knowing it was actually him. He was my favourite out of the group even though I liked them all. The way his curly hair just flowed and his amazing green eyes. He looked at me and said " your dad said you were beautiful but, I didn't know you were that beautiful" with a smile on his face. I smiled and looked at the floor then looked back up and thanked him. I asked him why we was there and it turns out that he's my step mum's best friend's. Soon after that, the traditional wedding music started to play and I held on to Harry's arm as he guided me down the aisle. I had been in many weddings before but this one felt like the longest in the world. It was probably because I was so nervous that I would fall and embarrass myself in front of Harry. As I walked down the aisle I saw the other lads in One Direction sitting down. They all looked very handsome in their tuxedoes. I finally got to where I was suppose to stand and Harry went to where he was suppose to stand. Shortly after that, my step mum came down the aisle. My dad started crying and even though I was really mad at him that he left me and my mum, my eyes got watery seeing how happy he was. But I tried my best to hold back the tears so no one would see me crying. Everyone sees me as the girl that doesn't care about anything or what any one thinks and doesn't like to socialize with people. Everyone's eyes had lit up when they saw me in the dress, I hate wearing dresses but my mom forced me. After a few minutes they said their vows and kissed. When they were kissing Harry looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back and I got this weird feeling in my stomach that I had never felt this way before. Then Harry walked me down the aisle again and escorted me to where the after party was being held. With all the people greeting me, I lost Harry in the crowd of people waiting to be seated. I went to the table I was assigned to which had Peyton, my step mum, my dad and my mum. Since my mum and dad where still good friends she sat with us. I looked around the room to see if Harry was anywhere but I couldn't see him. I felt like I fancied Harry I don't want to fancy Harry. " He's just looks like one of those guys that make you fall for him but are never there to catch you." I thought to myself. I just can't stop thinking about him. I tried to clear my head. When I turned back to look at my family my step mum asked me if I liked who she had partnered me up with. I turned red and said yes, I asked how she knew I fancied Harry and then someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was Harry, he asked me if I wanted to dance with him and I accepted his invitation. Peyton's face lit up when she saw Harry and he asked her if she wanted to dance with the other lads. She happily ran up to Harry and went to introduce herself to the lads. Harry took my hand to dance. It was a slow song. Harry pulled me close to him and he placed his hands on my hips and I placed my arms around his neck. " I heard you fancy me" he said while giggling. " maybe, maybe not" I said while I giggled and put my head on Harry's shoulder for the rest of the song. When the song ended Harry introduced me to the other boys, we then started dancing and danced the night away.

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