summer love

Jeimy thinks she's going to have the worst summer of her life when she has to move in with her dad for the summer. But what she didn't know was that this summer was going to be unforgettable when she meets someone that stole her heart.


1. The new house

It was the day I had been dreading for months, my dad's wedding. I already hate going to weddings, and now I have to go see my dad get married with another woman that's not my mum. I hate my step mum. Its just everything about her that I hate, the way she tries way too hard to be close to me, and the way she cooks; its the worst. On top of that, I have to move to my dad's house with my little sister for the summer. Isn't that the cherry on the top? As I packed my things to go to my dad's house my mum lectured me about how this would be good for both me and my dad and I argued with her about how I wouldn't be able to do anything over there or have any fun. In the car ride to my dad's house I put in my ear phones and put the volume as loud as it could go so I wouldn't have to hear a word form my mum or my twelve year old sister. When we got to my dad's my step mum was waiting outside for us. When she was going to give me a hug I walked past her and went in the house she just looked down and then smiled at my mom. I honestly didn't care if I had hurt her feelings. I mean she was steeling my dad from me so I think I've felt more hurt than what she felt when I rejected her hug. I instantly forgot about my step mum when I noticed how big my dad's house was. It was a three story house on the beach. My jaw dropped I had no idea why my dad had such a big house. When I walked into the house the first thing I saw was a piano; my favourite instrument. I immediately started to play it. Then my dad walked in " I can't believe you know how to play, I didn't know that about you" he said. " There's  a lot of things you don't know about me I said". After that, he showed me and my sister Peyton to the room where we were staying in for the summer. My dad left quickly after that to get dressed for the wedding. The room we were staying in was huge, it even had a balcony facing the beach. When I went down stairs my step mum told me and Peyton to sit down so they could do our make-up for the wedding. After everyone was ready, my step mum partnered everyone with someone to walk down the aisle. I was a bridesmaid and my sister was a flower girl. I was really nervous to walk down the aisle and be escorted by a complete stranger especially knowing how clumsy I am I could trip and fall. But that would be the least bad thing that has happened to me today. Then my step mum partnered me up with a tall curly hair guy, he was facing the other direction so I couldn't see his face.

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