Charlie Rebecca Jones is a 14 year old girl with nothing but a better life. Well thats what everyone thought, but in reality it isnt. She gets bullied and abused at school and has only two friends, her best friend Bailey Summers who is also 14 and she is really supportive of Charlie and would do anything for her. Then there is her best friend that she has known for her whole life he is 15 and he is..... Harry Styles. Well one day something tragic happens in Charlie's life and thats when Harry steps in. You see he cant be seen around her because of his reputation but that day he doesnt care. You cant separate these two from each other because they will always find their way back. Will that be the day Harry tells his true feelings for his best friend? Will Charlie accept her feelings for him two? Or will their lives just rip their friendship apart? Read more to find out.


4. Secret you have to keep

Charlie's P.O.V


He what.


"You what?" I said startled.


"Charlie I love you, I always have loved you ever since we met I knew you had to be the one, the one girl for me. I dont care about Jess anymore we were just put together because she was the queen bee and now I only care about one person and that's you". He said staring into my eyes intently.


"Harry I-I dont know what to say." I stuttered.


"You dont have to say anything just that you love me back." He said wide eyed.


Wow this boy must be really in love with me. But I dont know if I love him back, I mean I've had a crush on him but then I got sick of it cause he would always have someone new and tell me I'd always be his best friend. Those words stabbed at my heart and I swore to myself that I would never fall in love again. There is no point in falling in love when all your doing is actually falling.


"Harry I-I," he crashed his lips onto mine for the second time. Again I felt those same fireworks exploding and the electricity running down my spine. Maybe I am in love. Maybe he is the one. For once I dont feel like I'm falling anymore, he has caught me from it.


"Come on Charlie, you cant say you dont feel that too." He said smiling.


"Wait you felt that to." I replied.


"Well let me try again and find out." He placed his lips back onto mine for the third time. Once again it was the same reaction. Is it always going to be like this. Well I sure hope so.


"Yep felt that." I laughed.


"Good." He placed his forehead on mine.


"Harry what am I going to do." I closed my eyes realizing what happened before, my mum being dead.


"What do you mean." He frowned.


"I cant go back to my dad, he abuses me and if I go back he will blame my mothers death on my and do more harm maybe even put me in hospital." I started to cry.


"Shh Charlie it's alright I'm not letting him hurt you, you can live with me." He reassured me.


"I-I cant Harry thats just to much to ask for." I said shaking my head in disagreement.


"What would you rather, you going home everyday to cop a beating from your dad or live with the young, handsome Harry Styles." He said looking like he was posing for the cameras. I laughed at the sight of him.


"Okay Mr Handsome I'll live with you then." I said.


"YAY I'M SO EXCITED THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN!!" He yelled in excitement. I laughed so hard I fell straight into his arms pretty much giving him the biggest hug ever.


"Okay calm down now its only me." I said.


"I know but I love you." He smiled.


Is he always going to say that to me now. I think I may be in love with him. What am I saying I am in love with him. He is everything to me, my best friend, my brother, my rock. And I love him.


"H-Harry." I stuttered. Wow I must be really nervous.


"Yer babe." He replied.


"I-I love y-you too." I smiled at him.


He embraced me with a massive, tight hug. He kissed me again, making me feel those same reactions. He pulled away after what felt like a lifetime, but in reality it was just a minute. Man sometimes I wish it was longer.


"I thought you might say it sooner or later." He smiled. I playfully hit him in the arm while he pretending like it hurt.


"Dont be such a wuss." I laughed.


"You love me though." He said back.


"Yes I do, and Harry." I said.


"Yes." He said blinking his eyes really fast while putting his hands under his chin. I giggled at the sight of him.


"Umm can Bailey come live with us too." I asked.


"Why?" He frowned in confusion.


"Umm I'm supposed to keep this a secret so dont tell anyone please." I looked at him worried.


"Your secrets safe with me." He crossed his fingers.


"Well the reason why I want her to live with us as well is because...umm... she gets abused at home too." I said looking up at him.


He looked at me with a shocked expression on his face from the words that I just said.


"Really." He said wide eyed.


"Yer..." I trailed off.


"Well she can live with us too cause I know how much you love her as your best friend and would do anything for her." He smiled at me.


"Really omg thank you Harry I love you so much." I hugged him.


"I know you do." He said with a proud tone in his voice.


A/N - Hey guys sorry I havent been updating as much I've been busy with a lot of things. In the next chapter I'm going to make it Bailey's P.O.V and I have a really good idea for it but you have to wait sorry. I hopefully be posting the next chapter tomorrow as of now I'm going to chillax for a while and watch movies. Love you all :D xxxStylinsonxxx



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