Charlie Rebecca Jones is a 14 year old girl with nothing but a better life. Well thats what everyone thought, but in reality it isnt. She gets bullied and abused at school and has only two friends, her best friend Bailey Summers who is also 14 and she is really supportive of Charlie and would do anything for her. Then there is her best friend that she has known for her whole life he is 15 and he is..... Harry Styles. Well one day something tragic happens in Charlie's life and thats when Harry steps in. You see he cant be seen around her because of his reputation but that day he doesnt care. You cant separate these two from each other because they will always find their way back. Will that be the day Harry tells his true feelings for his best friend? Will Charlie accept her feelings for him two? Or will their lives just rip their friendship apart? Read more to find out.


8. *Characters*

Charlie Jones- 14, currently dating Harry Styles, brown eyes, brown hair, bubbly, nice, flirty, cheeky, funny.


Harry Styles- 15, currently dating Charlie Jones, green eyes, curly brown hair, cheeky, nice, flirty, funny.


Bailey Summers- 14, currently dating Cody Simons, blue eyes, blonde hair, blue braces, nice, cheeyky, funny, over the top weird.





Hey guys so those are my characters and now for the competition. I need another character to be the other best friend with Charlie and Bailey. So here is what I need for the details:







What type of clothes style you into:

What you like most doing:


So plz comment so I can get a new character it would mean the world to me. So thats it for now and hopefully later on I will post a new chapter up. Cheerio :D

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