Charlie Rebecca Jones is a 14 year old girl with nothing but a better life. Well thats what everyone thought, but in reality it isnt. She gets bullied and abused at school and has only two friends, her best friend Bailey Summers who is also 14 and she is really supportive of Charlie and would do anything for her. Then there is her best friend that she has known for her whole life he is 15 and he is..... Harry Styles. Well one day something tragic happens in Charlie's life and thats when Harry steps in. You see he cant be seen around her because of his reputation but that day he doesnt care. You cant separate these two from each other because they will always find their way back. Will that be the day Harry tells his true feelings for his best friend? Will Charlie accept her feelings for him two? Or will their lives just rip their friendship apart? Read more to find out.


9. A new beginning

Charlie's P.O.V


I woke up with Harry's arms still holding me around my waist. I turned to face him to see his curls all over his face and his mouth slightly agap. I smiled at the way he slept. I lifted his hands off my waist and got up. It was 9:30 in the morning and we had to go and get Bailey soon. I went into the bathroom and closed the door. I got undressed and hopped in the shower. I let the hot water run down my body making me relaxed. I froze when I felt someone behind me and then big arms wrapped around my waist. I knew it was Harry but why the fu-


"HARRY!!" I yelled at him and turned around. He looked at me with a smirk on his face as I tried to cover up my boobs and low region.


"What babe" He smirked. I death glared him while he just smirked at me.


"What the hell are you doing in here I'm taking a shower AND IM COMPLETELY NAKED!!" I yelled at him.


"Yeah and so am I" He said. I looked down to see he actually was indeed standing in the shower with me... naked. I quickly covered my eyes and turned around and opened them again. I couldnt get the image of Harry's dick out of my mind.


"Harry will you please get out" I asked him. He just grabbed me by the waist again and held me close.


"No I'm having fun" He said against my neck.


"Harry, I thought you would be more mature" I joked. He laughed and spinned me around to face him.


"I am being mature, as long as we arent in here doing anything then its totally fine" He said and kissed me.


"Its not fine when we are naked" I laughed.


"I dont care, besides your beautiful" He said and looked me in the eyes. I looked down and blushed. I put his finger underneath my chin and lifted my head up to look at him. He gave me a kiss then got out. I finished what I was doing and got out as well. I dried off then went into my bedroom. Today I feel like being a superhero so I'm going to dress up in batman stuff. I pull out my batman bra and panties and put it on. I slip on my batman shirt and batman tights/jeans, put a batman flat cap on, batman shoes, did my nails with batman on it, my favourite batman necklace, earrings and braclet. I went back into the bathroom and put a minimal amount of make up on. I walked out and grabbed my batman bag and my phone with a batman case and batman headphones. Is that too over the top cause I dont think so.


I went downstairs to join the others when suddenly all eyes were on me.


"Can I help you?" I asked them confused.


"I dont know can batman help to" Harry oked never taking his eyes off me.


"Ha Ha very funny and what is wrong with my outfit, I'm Batman" I said in batman's voice while everyone laughed.


"Okay Batman, get your batass over here and eat breakfast" An- mum said.


"Okay" I walk over and join them at the table. Mum cooked up pancakes. Yumm. I eat really quick so I was the first one to finish again. I went upstairs and brushed my teeth and sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. This time I wasnt interupted by Harry.


"OMG ADVENTURE TIME IS ON!!" I yell making everyone look at me.


"What its my-" I was cut off.


"Favourite show? I already know that" Harry said proudly. I stuck my tounge out at him and he did the same in return. I watched a full episode of Adventure Time then we had to go pick up Bailey. Me, Harry and mum went outside and hoped in the car. After about a awkward 15 minute car ride, we were at the hospital. We went in and told the lady we were here to pick up Bailey. We went to her room and knocked on the door.


"Come in" I heard her say on the other side. I opened the door and  smiled at her.


"Wow, someone's obsessed" She joked.

"Haha well I felt like being a superhero so I thought I would dress like one" I replied making her smile.


"So I'm guessing your not only here to make my eyes pop out" She laughed.


"Well no but we are getting you out, today is the day you live with your new family and dont worry all your stuff is already at our place so you didnt have to worry about your dad" I said. She smiled and gave me a thank you.


We discharged her from the hospital and walked her outside to the car. She got in the back seat with me and Harry got in the front and mum drove us home. We arrived home and I could already see the smile on Bailey's face.


"Finally a new start" She said and looked over at me with a smile.


"And we will make it the best" I smiled back. We went inside and Bailey got herself something to eat. Me and her sat on the couch for a while and talked until she got tired and said she was going to bed. It was 7 o'clock and I was tired myself. I went upstairs and had a shower, then changed into my batman PJ's (yes thats right batman). Harry was lying in the bed waiting for me.


"I'm not tired yet so we can talk for a while if you want" I asked him.


"Alright love" He said and smiled at me. He pulled the covers back motioning me to get in. I hopped into bed and we talked till it was 10 o'clock. We started getting tired so we went to bed.


"Goodnight my Baby girl" He said and kissed my cheek.


"Goodnight my Lover boy" I said back and drifted off to sleep.


A/N- Hey guys, sorry I havent been updating I had a really busy week. So what to you guys think. Its pretty boring because I'm running out of ideas but I'm sure I will come up with something later on. Well I'm tired after that and it is 12:28 am so like midnight. So Cheerio and dont forget to like, comment, favourite and become a fan :D xox


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