Take you

I'm finally living the dream. I'm in Jb's world now and there's no turning back. 17 yr old girl with a dream to meet her idol. Friends, or more?!


1. Chapter 1- Take you

Chapter 1- Take you

~Teagan's POV~

As i stood there wating for Arij i just thought, how can my dream ever come true? 17 year old girl with a dream to meet her idol. It almost seems to good to be true.
But it was finally happening...My best friend and i had finally got VIP tickets to see Justin!! It was the best day of my life when i found out he was coming to my country. As i was thinking of what to wear, how i would react a voice interrupted my day dream
"Teagan!!....What are you doing, you're going to miss the bus!!" Shouted Arij
"So sorry hun, just getting my books" I replied shoving my homework in my bag. Even though i wasn't getting my books i didn't want to make it obvious.
 Yeah, he's my idol and i love him to the moon and back i couldn't help but think. Will he think i am beautiful? Am i skinny enough for him? What if he likes Arij more than me? I don't think i could handle that kind of rejection. And how could i see him once and never meet him again? As i got onto the bus as usual i take the seat closest to the door and sit with Arij. Every Friday after school we have a sleep over and talk about all the good things we did and of course talk about Justin<3 But this weekend was different. She was staying at my house so we could travel to the Arena where Justin would be there!! So this is it!!

~Arij's POV~

So this was it.... Bus trip home and then get changed to go to see our idol!! I was so excited to go with my best friend...I am a belieber yes, but it was Teagan who got me into him...So as a favour i am repaying her with a treat at the VIP's!! She will never know what has hit her that night!

~Back to my POV~

"Arij...?" I whispered so none of the other students could here
"yes..?" she replied
"I was thinking, back at the lockers. What if Justin doesn't like me?"
"Hunni, he will love you! You are amazing and beautiful!!"
"Thanks, so are you!! But i just can't help but think, what if he doesn't?"
"Just wait until tonight alright? You will see"

As the bus arrived at my stop we got off the bus in a huge hurry and ran to my house. We got up to my room and got ready.
"the concert is in 2 and a half hours!! That should give us, at least 1 hour and 20 minutes to get ready and then drive the rest!!" i said excitedly to Arij
Arij being the guest got in the shower first so i checked Twitter to see updates!
And Justin had tweeted! "Off to a show, going to be a great night meeting beautiful girls in VIP and the crowd!" I just sat there and thought!! OMG I AM ONE OF THOSE! He thinks i am beautiful!

Once i had, had a shower we both straightened our hair, put a Justin Bieber top on and purple lipstick striped on our cheeks and put on some purple shorts and converse. Now it was just the drive!

~Arij's POV~
While Teagan was in the shower i got a peice of paper and wrote a number on it. My plan was to drop it in Justin's back pocket and he would.......


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