New Season, New Start

Sequel to - Not Just Another Summer

Emma is starting again with her new friend Nicole, new career goals, new jobs, new beginnings until a specific someone from her past brings back the memories of that one summer where everything went wrong. Will they drag up the past or make Emma rethink her future?


5. Some Explaining To Do

Niall's P.O.V


"Lads, you mind if I talk to Emma privately" I asked as they looked at me then backed out of the room, I walked over to the entrance flicking the light switch then shutting the door,


"Niall please dont make me do this" She said saddened,


"What was with that text? Why wouldnt you talk to me? What happened to you? Shall i go on" I questioned,


"Niall I told you to move on, so drop it" She said walking past me and heading for the door, I grabbed her softly by the wrist,


"What good am I if I cant help my girlfriend" I asked, when she quickly replied,


"Your not my boyfriend, I told you im not worth waiting around for" She said her head dropping,


"Doesnt matter whether im your boyfriend, friend, or in your mind nothing, I want to help, I want to know what is going on with you. Bottling yourself up wont help anything, your problems will just be there when you get out" I said moving in front of her with my hands on her shoulders, looking down at her fragile state.


"Depends how long you lock yourself up for" she muttered,


"Emma stop it, you leaving didnt just hurt me, did you stop to think about your friends, Shan and zak, your team.... your parents, they raised a strong girl who can take any hit, i'd know i've seen it happen." I said laughing, when i saw her head shaking and heard her silent laughter,


 "You busy after this?" She asked her head lifting,


"No Im pretty much finished, Why?" I asked


"I can take my work home you wanna come back to my place for a chat" She said,


"I would like that" I smiled as she smiled properly for the first time since i had seen her.


Emma's P.O.V


I grabbed my work form the front desk messaging Nicole.


Hey Nikki, Going home early I'll meet you there! xxx


I put my phone in my pocket chucked my bag over my shoulder and picked up all my paperwork wen my phone buzzed, I pulled it out reading the message on the screen,


From Nikki - Taking anyone with you? ;P


To Nikki - Actually Yes


From Nikki - OH!! I just remembered I have a uh wedding to go to wont be coming home!! Have fun!


To Nikki - Sure you do


From Nikki - Its my sisters cousins dogs guinea pigs wedding cant miss it sorry already bought the gift and there are not exchanges at the place I bought it! Soz Babz


To Nikki - You dont have a sister, your cousins doesnt have a dog and you hate guinea pigs....


From Nikki - Squeaky, fluffy devils with there little eyes watching your every move...


At that i chucked my phone into my bag that conversation was places even Nicholas Cage hasnt seen!! At that point I saw all the boys walking down the corridor and Niall at the front waving at me, I would have waved but i would have dropped everything.


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