New Season, New Start

Sequel to - Not Just Another Summer

Emma is starting again with her new friend Nicole, new career goals, new jobs, new beginnings until a specific someone from her past brings back the memories of that one summer where everything went wrong. Will they drag up the past or make Emma rethink her future?


3. High Hopes

At first there was a bit of a awkward silence but Harry fixed that,


"Well i nominate myself, so boys what are we singing first?" he said as he entered the booth,


"How bout Last First Kiss" Niall said looking at me, as there was an echo of yea's,


"uh ok, Harry when your ready" i said, flicking some switches as he placed the headphones around his neck,


As Harry started Liam came and sat next to me telling me a bit about how they wanted the song to sound like, and soon enough each of the boys solos where done and we started the chorus, at first they where ok and then they started to get a bit cheeky and Louis decided it would be a good idea if he pushed Harry of his chair, yes i made the stupid decision to give them chairs and then stick them in an enclosed area, i might as well have given them weapons and said "May the odds be ever in your favor"


"Guys, settle down please I want to get through at least one song before Mark gets here" I said while trying to get there attention by knocking on the window, that didnt work. Soon i gave in and just let them go hoping they might run out of energy, but if these are still the same boys i met last year then i was not going to recording anything anytime soon. They kept at it for half an hour before settling down a bit and finishing the song by then Mark walked in smiling,


"Oh thank god" I thought to myself,


"They are hard to handle but fun none the less, how did you go" He asked Chuckling,


"Did i say that out loud?" I asked covering my mouth,


"Yes" Mark laughed again,


"Shit, anyway we only got one song done in 2 and a half hours" i muffled,


"Its ok ill take over from here" he said taking a seat next to me as i jumped up and exiting the booth, "Oh have they had a lunch yet?" he asked quickly,


"Uh no, why?" I asked confused,


"Well they usely work better once they've eaten anyway why don't you go with them?" he offered,


"Um ok" I agreed as the boys jumped at the sound of food. "We will be back soon" I said as I lead them out of the studio to the front door.


I walked them down to a little cafe only just around the corner where i usely have lunch,


"Is there a Nando's around here?" Niall asked as we reached the entrance to the cafe,


"Yea don't worry im just grabbing my lunch we can head over there next" i said, "You guys just wait here" I turned stepping into the cafe where I was greeted with a big hug by Matt who looked awfully happy today,


"Emma love, How has your day been? Grand oh thats lovely" he smiled looking at me as if waiting for something,

"What?" i laughed,

"Well ask me how my day is"

"So Matthew how has your morning been since mine was apparently GRAND!" i asked sounding posh,

"It was fabulous darling, i finally booked myself that wonderful cruise ive been looking at" he copied me,

"Oh My Gawd"

"I know, i leave in a month for an amazing cruise" he smiled from ear to ear,

"Ill come say goodbye to you on the ship so i can check it out and maybe.. stoy away in you bag" i laughed,

"Oh no need, your coming and Nicole" he said pulling the booking sheet out of his pocket,

"What?? No way" i yelled drawing some attention from the diners and the boys outside as i jumped on him giving him a massive hug,

"Its for your birthday even though it will be after your birthday but oh well" he laughed, handing me my usual order, "And this is on the house" he smiled,

"Your so kind, ill be by later with Nicole, but i have to go or else these boys will start eating themselves if i don't get them food soon" I laughed,

"Ok see you later" he said returning to the counter as I made my way to the door finding the boys.


I walked out straight past the boys as they followed behind me for a bit it was quiet but that was too good to be true as Niall blurted out,

"Whos that?"

"A friend of mine why?" I answered knowing where this was going.

"How close are you two?" he replied quickly,

"Very, why?"

"Just asking, are you a couple?" he asked again, all these questions starting to get on my nerves,

"No, just close friends" I answered not looking back,

"Well you two look quite close and very good together" he said annoyed as well,

"Oh really, wouldnt have noticed since he has a boyfriend" I said emphasizing the boyfriend bit as i looked over my shoulder to see Niall's shocked face, and all the others muffling there laughs.


We finally got to Nando's as the boys all ran in and I found a table outside and opened up my usual club sandwhich on wholemeal bread. I placed my phone on the table about to dig in when the boys came back out pretty much shouting,

"Guys settle down you are only inches away form each other" I half yelled over them as they all took a seat around the table, "Now, since you guys are back mind my stuff im gonna go get a drink" I said jumping up and heading inside.


Niall's P.O.V


I know its her from the moment i saw her, Its my Emma, why does she keep pretending. I watched every one of her moves matching them up to the bright, bubbly, baseball loving girl I knew was in there somewhere. She picked up her lunch before leading us to a Nando's near by, we bought our stuff and found her outside. She went to buy a drink leaving her phone on the table as it started buzzing showing she has a new message,

'Hey Emz, Where you at? and hows it going with Niall?' - Nicole


It has to be Emma why else would anyone ask that, 

"Guys it has to be her its Emma, i knew it when i saw her but now im certain" I yelled smiling forming from ear to ear,

"How do you know?" Harry asked, I grabbed the phone showing him the message,

"Seriously who else would get a text like that?" I asked,

"Niall please dont get your hopes up it looks like her and i hope its her as much as you do but what if its not, I dont want to see you crushed again like when she left" Liam said,


Thats when we heard her behind us,


"Uh, I think i better be heading back, I had a lot of work to get through earlier before getting caught up working on your album" She said trying to grab her stuff,

"Wait, you can't go we won't be able to find our way be, we won't be long you can finish it when we get back" Louis said, well he was right they would end up in Australia if i didnt stay and show them back,

"Fine but you guys have to eat fast, i have to finish your paperwork and a whole lot of other stuff" I said trying to guilt trip them.



** A/N I know it has been FOREVER since i updated last but i promise i will stay on top of things from now on so i did a long chapter to get you guys all excited again. Please Comment i need stuff to go on, So what ever you got to say im here to listen!! Thanks for reading

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