New Season, New Start

Sequel to - Not Just Another Summer

Emma is starting again with her new friend Nicole, new career goals, new jobs, new beginnings until a specific someone from her past brings back the memories of that one summer where everything went wrong. Will they drag up the past or make Emma rethink her future?


1. New Life


(A Year Later in 2012)


After a year of moving to London with Nicole and starting my new life Ive been ok I guess I feel like it was a cowardly move to just pack up and leave, leaving Shan, Zak all my old friends I think about them everyday especially Niall, I haven't been with anyone else Ive had offers but turned them down for two reason im extremely busy  working at the studio that I was saying was close by but also exams for the music school which I luckily got into and Two I haven't gotten over Niall even though I have been avoiding everyone from my old life I can't seem to get over him. I have been on dates don't get me wrong but i just haven't been able to find a guy like Niall. Ive read Shan is still playing Baseball I haven't heard about Zak and the Boys from One Direction have been doing amazing selling records and everything. Ive still got the necklace Niall gave me but I nearly lost it once and almost had a heart attack. Anyway you remember Nicole she can't replace Shan but is quite close we are pretty much sisters. I ended up taking her offer and moving in with her and the bonus of living in London and with a British girl her accent has kind of grown on me which I love i sound so proper and sophisticated haha I love it.


Anyway about my job at the Studio, well i was talking to my building manager we got onto the subject of jobs and he said he brother worked at a music studio and needed a receptionist, So he asked his brother and got both me and Nicole jobs so know we work together, live together and go to school together meaning we get along well. Anyway thats how life has been and im now 17 turning 18 very soon.


Today is Saturday and I have work with Nicole we have a new group coming in today so we have to get them settled meaning we cant be late. I woke up jumping into the shower as the warm water ran over me. After finishing up I got out wrapping myself in a towel and walking out of the bathroom and to my room one thing about Emma is that I don't have to wake her up like i did with Shan, so as soon as I got out Emma got straight in. I changed into some black velvet high-waisted shorts, a grey cropped tee shirt, black suspenders, a black straw bowler hat with liberty fuchsia platform shoe boots, I also had some silver bracelets and rings to go with it and some hot pink lipstick and black mascara and eye-liner. I grabbed my shoulder strap bag placing my keys, phone wallet and all the essentials in there walking into the living room and taking a seat on the chairs in the kitchen waiting for Emma to come out,

"Nearly ready?" I yelled, I didn't want to be late today I wasnt ready for the new group to come in today there was so much to do,

"Yea coming" She said rummaging through her bag as she walked into the room wearing a white lace top with a lanvin embossed sateen skirt hanging from her chest ending just above her knee, Zanotti Suede bootie, london fog campbell canvas tote bag, custom tribal statement necklace, sagaponack cuff with hot pink lipstick, golden eyeshadow with black mascara.

"You look amazing and so professional" I said standing and winking at her,

"and so do you my fine looking friend" She laughed linking her arms through mine,

"haha thanks Shall we go"

"We Shall" She replied as we walked through the door locking it behind us, we decided on walking since the studio wasnt to far and we where sure we would make it on time,

"So how are you feeling it must be hard since in a couple of days it will be a year since your mum died" She said looking at me concerned,

"Oh im getting through it, Im just glad I can get through it with someone who knows exactly how it feels"

"Im here for you no matter what, i aint ever leaving you ok"

"Of course"  I said sighing, ever since the death of my mother I never wanted to let anyone in cause I was afraid of loosing them but Nicole knows how I feel and we promised to get through this together One Step at a Time.


I was brought back from my daydream when I nearly ran into some guy or should I say a group of guys luckily Emma pulled me out of the way,

"Hey you ok, you pretty much walked straight into them" She asked

"Yea Im fine just wasnt paying attention, sorry" I said back to her,

"Don't say sorry to me say sorry to tehm she said pointing,

I turned to the guys feeling like a complete idiot I must have looked crazy to them,

"Im so sorry, I wasnt watching where I was going"  I said head down tucking a piece of hair behind my ear,

"Its ok no harm done" One of them said, I didn't want to look up i felt like an idiot, before we all continued on our way, I looked back quickly as they all walked away, they looked familiar but i never got a proper look at there faces.


When we reached the studio we got straight to work making sure everything was prepared for when the group got here. When we have finished the new clients where due in anytime now so I sat at the receptionists desk looking down at the computer screen doing some extra work while Nicole stood in front of the desks waiting to greet the new clients.

"So do you know who you have, Since ive got the new band, who are you and John working with?" I asked looking away from my computer for a bit,

"Im not sure its either Jessie J or Cher Lloyd coming in today" she replied,

"Aaah I love working with Jessie J she is so fun, wish I was you" I said crossing my arms quite childishly, just as I did the chimes from the front door alarm went off and as I looked up I saw the bright bubbly face I haven't seen in a couple of weeks,

"Jessie" I tried not to scream,

"Emma, How are you babe?" She asked, as I walked over to her hugging her,

"Not to bad and yourself?" I asked,

"Same, so which one of you horrors do I have for the week?" she asked laughing,

"The worst of the worst" I answered, "You have her" I said pointing to Nicole,

"Fun" Nicole replied scrunching up her nose and making kind of an 'x' with her arms, We all just laughed until it was time for Nicole to take Jessie to her studio to start work with John, he was another producer I thought he was one of the best he was the funniest here as well,


Anyway by the time Nicole returned I was to busy at work to busy to notice the door ring as it opened but Nicole notified me that someone did indeed come in because she screamed, not very professional but what can you do,

"One Direction" she yelled sounding almost Starstruck,

"Nikki please calm down, the clients should be here soon, and we need to act professional" I said still wrapped up in the work I was doing,

"Emma..." She called but she was interrupted as someone finished her sentence,

"Pearse??" A Familiar husky voice asked,

"Yes how may I help you" I said as the words faded when I looked up and realised Nicole actually meant they where here in front of me well only Harry and Liam where inside at the time,

"Oh My God, Niall is going to be so happy" He said turning and running out the door as Liam followed him still shocked, as they left I grabbed Nicole running into a separate room,

"What am I meant to do?" was the first thing I could spit out,

"I.. I don't know" she said quickly knowing we had to get back out there,

"God if he knows its really me he'll start asking all the questions about everything, Im still not over it i don't want to deal with it right now! wait, what if i pretend its not me and ive never been to Australia, and just try and forget about last year" I said,

"Uh, I don't think thats a good idea" she said worriedly looking at me, "Its not only going to hurt him but you as well"

"I don't care it will have to do for now" I said grabbing some paperwork which i needed to sort of make it look less suspicious, Nicole trailed behind me picking up stray papers which I dropped , by the time we got back outside all the boys where standing there and I decided to just pretend i didn't know them, which was going to be hard because Shan was there, Im guessing her and Harry's relationship was still going strong,

"Hi, Im Emma, Welcome to Sony Studio's, If you follow me this way to your studio and Mark your producer will be in with you shortly" I said calmly showing them down the hall into one of the studios, I unlocked the door showing them in,

"If you guys don't need anything, I need to get back to finishing up some of your paperwork but I will be down the hall at the receptionist desk if you need me" I said backing out of the room slowly and making my way back to where Nicole was. I didn't really stay long enough for a reaction I just showed them there studio and ran pretty much.

I sat down at the front desk to see Luke rounding the corner and entering the front door he is our boss' nephew he calls himself a pro, Nicole and I call him a Traniee , he sits in with his uncle because he is into music as well especially producing it but right now he isn't the best with the soundboard,

"Well hello there lovey ladies" Luke said acting all smug leaning against the desk winking, Nicole and I just looked at each other then back at him,

"Ok lets get straight to the point, you have two options to work with Jessie J or some band thats coming in today, Mark hasn't told us who they are yet" I said as he weighed the options,

"Jessie J" he answered quickly really excited,

"Thats what I forgot to tell you because you repetitively hugged Jessie J without her permission when she was last here your uncle banned you from working with her so you stuck with the mysterious band"

"Why didn't you tell me earlier then" he slightly shouted,

"Because I wanted to get your hopes up" I smiled as Nicole and I let out a slight giggle,

"Now that was rude" he said emphasizing the 'rude' bit,

"Well thats what you get when you tell people Usher is here and it turns out it was just a joke" I said crossing my arms,

"Come on you have to admit that was funny" he said laughing, "It still replays in my head"

"You know whats gonna replay in my head, when i murder you" i said as he backed away from the desk with his arms raised defensively,

"Ok fair enough, well im gonna go see the guys what studio" he asked,

"Last one" i said pointing down the hall as my attention was drawn back to the computer screen.


Soon enough he came back, and not very excited to work with our new celebs,

"and what seems to be the problem, dear Luke" I asked all sweetly,

"I am not working with One Direction" he yelled,

"I know exactly why i stuck you with them, go i have work to do and don't touch anything until your uncle gets here" i said shooing him off with my hand. By then i realised Nicole had left as well most likely hanging out with Jessie, damn her.

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