Young love

Niall horan misses his 13 year old brother John so he invites him to go on tour with him.
Louis tomlinson misses his 13 year old sister Hannah so he invites her to go on tour with him.
What happens when one of the younger siblings fancies the other?? Read to find out.


6. Dinner

Nialls pov

i think John has a little crush on Hannah because he looks at her in a way that looks like he fancies her....oh we'll I'll ask him later. "So what's for dinner I'm starving"I said to the lads

"you're always starving niall!!"Harry complained. "Can we go to nandos??" John said "yes!!can we?" I yelled. "Okay okay we will where's hannah??"louis asked "I think she's in her bunk" zayn said "Hannah!!!" Louis yelled " what louis??"she replied annoyed. "We're going to nandos"louis answered "yayayayayay!!!"Hannah yelled. 


Hannah's pov 

we arrived at nandos and picked out a big round booth and I sat next to louis and John who sat next to niall. I pulled out my phone and started playing temple run 2 when John said,"give me your phone" I did as I was told and gave him my phone. He typed for a little bit then took a selfie of himself and pressed a button and gave me it back. He put his number in it. " okay now give me yours" I said "ok" he replied and gave me his phone. I put my name in as "Hannah banana" and then put my number and took a selfie. I handed him his phone back and he looked at it and smiled. After we ate we payed for the food and went back to the tour bus.  

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