Young love

Niall horan misses his 13 year old brother John so he invites him to go on tour with him.
Louis tomlinson misses his 13 year old sister Hannah so he invites her to go on tour with him.
What happens when one of the younger siblings fancies the other?? Read to find out.


4. Airport

Nialls pov 

"Louis!!" I yelled,"we have to go pick them up at the airport!" "Okay I'm coming!" Louis replied 

we drove for about an hour and a half because louis was driving to slow and we got pulled we walked in with our hoodies on and our sunglasses we waited for our siblings at the gates "niall!!"I heard someone scream after me.....John. "Hey midget how's it goin?"I asked "good"John replied "oh yeah this is louis,John"I told him. "Hey little guy"louis said. "Hi" John said in return. 


Louis' p0v

as niall talked to his brother I heard someone tell after me.....Hannah. "Hey banana"I said to her as I hugged her. "Hi Tommo" she said in return. "Hi I'm John" he said as he got up and shook Hannah's hand. "Hi John,I'm Hannah" she replied. "Hannah this is niall" I said as I introduced them to each other. "Hello" niall said. "Hi"


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