Worst Nightmare

Marisa has been in the same awful, scary town and is ready to leave, one night on her own she runs into a monster of a guy. What happens when he decides she's his and is dermined to have her. All she knows is he is her new worst nightmare, while he slowly slowly starts to follow, stock and scare her and oddly start to care for her, but can't express it in any good way. (One Direction not famous)


21. 21. Don't Blame Yourself

Once Harry left Zayn shortly returned. “Hey” Zayn spoke as he came in. “I found out more, and I’m ready to find these men, what have you been up to?” He asked as I shrugged. “I cleaned for a bit that’s it really” Zayn grabbed my hand. “Let’s go for lunch” he spoke as I nodded and went with him. I really didn’t mind holding his hand; it would always calm me down to at least know I had someone with me. We walked as he told me what he found out from the police.

“So she was brought in right away?” I asked as Zayn nodded. “They took care of her and tried to help as much as possible but she was too weak. I unfortunately think I knew who one of the killers was” Zayn spoke as my jaw dropped. “How? Who?” I asked as we continued walking. “His names Andy, they brought him in because he was on the crime scene and ran. But yeah I used to hang out with the lad” I sighed. “Is he the type of guy who would do it?” Zayn shrugged. “Under influence yes, he must have been working with the 2 other guys” he spoke as I nodded.

“Your taking everything extremely well” Zayn spoke as I looked at my feet. “I just don’t want to think of it all, I’m sure one day it might hit me but it still doesn’t feel real” I started as I began to cry. “I sort have hit me this morning but I’m not sure it fully will until I have a moment I just need to share with my mum, I feel like crap what I did to her though” Zayn looked at me confused. “If I didn’t complain about the town so much she wouldn’t have become a prostitute and get killed. And I hate the fact that I lied to her so much just so you wouldn’t hurt me” Zayn sighed. “I’m sorry about that, I was in a screwed up place and I shouldn’t have made you do that. But even though this doesn’t make it better she might not have died from her job, it wouldn’t be your fault. You didn’t help the men or tell them to do that, they did that on their own. You weren’t involved therefore you are not responsible” Zayn then wiped my tear that fell. “Promise me you will not blame yourself” he spoke as I slowly nodded my head and began to cry. I gasped for breath as more tears fell. Zayn quickly pulled me into a long hug as I cried into him.

“We’ll get through this together” he spoke to me as I held him tighter. “Together” I told him as I buried my face into him. Once I got a hold of myself I wiped my tears and began walking again with Zayn. We made our way to the market. “Hey Niall, Two ham sandwiches” Zayn ordered as I stood beside him. “No problem” Niall spoke as he began working. “Marisa I’m sorry to hear about your mum” Niall started as I nodded my head unable to talk. “Thanks” Zayn spoke as he grabbed the sandwiches and we made our way out. We came back home and ate together silently.

“Friday is in 2 days” Zayn started as I nodded. “Are you ready?” he asked as I nodded. “I’ll be fine” I faked a smile. I was actually worried, with what happened with my mother I never wanted to be out a night again. I quickly began to eat before I could think about my mother. “Zayn I need you to do me a favour though” I told him as I looked around. “Please get me out of here, I can’t stay in this home” I cried as I looked at everything, like little notes from my mum saying what she left to warm up in the fridge. “I can’t” I got out as he nodded. “Stay at my house, we have to somehow get you a bed there but stay with me” I nodded. “Thank you” I spoke as I sniffled.

That night Zayn and I agreed to make due, he took the ground as I got his couch. I got ready for bed in his bathroom and laid down. He began to set his blanket down. “No, come closer” I told him, “I need to know I’m not alone” I spoke as he quickly moved the blanket beside the couch. I thanked him with a smile and laid down again. I watched Zayn as he laid on his back and closed his eyes. The quietness of his place let my mind wonder. I quickly got depressed, I left my mum’s place to not think of her and the quieter it was the more I did. I stared at the ceiling.

*Flash Back*

The evening Marisa got back from Harry’s place, just before her mum left work.

“So where were you?” my mum asked interested. “I was at a friend Harry’s” My mum nodded. “What about Zayn?” she asked. “What about him?” I replied. “Is there something with you to?” she asked excited. “No, nothing mum.” I spoke ignoring her. “Well if my opinion is worth anything I think he’s your guy to be with. You don’t see the way he looks at you, he looks like he really likes you, And I think the lad has something about him. Mystery, Cleverness, a heart deep down. Marisa you need to promise me at some point in your life you will give him another look” I laughed at my mum. “I can’t promise you that” My mum sighed as she got up. “Well for me, just don’t let good guys get away. You don’t know everything about this Zayn boy” I stood up, “And neither do you, so drop it” I yelled as I made my way upstairs. Moments later my mum left for work and I had the place to myself.


Why would I even talk to my mum and that tone, the next day though she was excited to hear I was dating the boy though. I still regret it, she gave me her opinion and I shut her down when in all cases she was right. He wasn’t that bad, if I wanted to make it up to her I did have to give him a chance. As I laid on my stomach I reached down and grabbed his hand. I kept my eyes closed as I felt his hand hold tighter; “I’m here” he spoke as I felt a tear fall off my face. “Good, stay” I told him as he laughed. “No problem.”



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