Worst Nightmare

Marisa has been in the same awful, scary town and is ready to leave, one night on her own she runs into a monster of a guy. What happens when he decides she's his and is dermined to have her. All she knows is he is her new worst nightmare, while he slowly slowly starts to follow, stock and scare her and oddly start to care for her, but can't express it in any good way. (One Direction not famous)


20. 20. Andy

Zayn and I made our way to my mum’s room, I opened the door and stared silently at her bed. “You start with the closet, I’ll take the dresser” Zayn spoke as I nodded. I opened my mum’s closet to find some dresses and jackets. There were photo albums and random items on the shelves. I picked up my mum’s favorite snow globe and a tear fell. “Keep” I told Zayn as he put it aside. I looked through her clothes which I didn’t find all appealing and put them in the donate box. My mum’s closet wasn’t a hard job, she didn’t have much in it really.

“What’s in this drawer?” Zayn asked as I looked at the locked dresser drawer. “Not sure, Bet there’s a key though” I told him as I made my way to my mum’s end table. “Yup” I told him tossing the key and making my way over. Zayn then turned the key as I watched, “Um?” Zayn said looking up at me. “What?” I spoke looking in. There I saw nothing but sexy clothes and lingerie, Also a business card. “My mum’s night job was a prostitute?” I spoke as I looked at the card with my jaw dropped. “The whole time, and I didn’t even… Zayn that’s enough for today” I spoke as I threw the card on the ground and went into my own room.

I began pacing back and forth; my mum was selling herself just to help me get out of this hell hole of a town. Was that why she was killed? By a sick man? A tear fell from my eye, even though my mum lied for the sake of me I still hated that I didn’t know. We could have worked out something better. I sat there shocked as Zayn came in my room. “I’m sure she had a reason” He started as I nodded. “Yeah I know, she knew how much I wanted to move and this was the only way she could get the money” I sat there silent as he sat beside me.

“Is that why she died?” I asked him as he shrugged. “I don’t know, but Marisa I hope you know I’m going to do everything I can to find out who did it, Everything” He spoke putting his hand on my leg. “By doing what?” I asked as he sat there. “For a start seeing what the police can tell me, I’ll be back” Zayn said as getting up and leaving the house. I sat there quiet, I really didn’t know what to do. I decided to head downstairs and try to clean up.

I cleaned up my mum’s old coffee cup, and the living room needed tend to. Once I finished cleaning up the doorbell rang.

Zayn’s P.O.V

When I got to the police station I talked to the man who was at the hospital. He couldn’t tell me much but he was a cop I could easily work around. I found out more about the crime scene. She was found lying on the ground holding her stomach by that police officer who was just checking out the streets. He quickly got her where she was wearing very revealing clothes, she must have been working. He brought her in quickly and went back out as she got taken care of. One guy was back at the crime scene looking around and ran when he saw the cruiser. That cops partner then got out and ran after him and brought him in. His name was Andy.

Marisa’s P.O.V

“Harry” I spoke surprised as he pulled me into a hug. “I heard what happened” I slowly got out of his grip. “Thanks yeah it’s been a hectic night” Harry smiled at me. “I wanted to come over and see if you need anything” I shrugged, “Zayn has been helping out a lot” I spoke. Harry clinched his fist “Zayn?” He asked as I nodded. “Yeah Zayn” Harry shook it off. “Is he here?” he asked as I shook my head, “He left like 20 minutes ago” Harry then shut the door and leaned against the wall. He sighed as he saw Zayn’s jacket.

“Is he staying here?” I shook my head, “Just last night, he was with me when it happened and I really needed someone” I spoke as my eyes watered, I really didn’t want to get into it. “You could have called me, I’m here to protect you and be here for you” I nodded my head as he grabbed my face. “Woah what are-” I started as he cut me off with a kiss. “Harry don’t” I started as I pushed him off. “What’s wrong?” He asked upset. “There’s no us, there can’t be. I have too much going on in my life, and with Zayn and were just getting on good terms, I don’t want to screw up anything” Harry took a step back. “Whatever, have fun with Zayn I’m out of here” he spoke as he slammed the door.

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