Worst Nightmare

Marisa has been in the same awful, scary town and is ready to leave, one night on her own she runs into a monster of a guy. What happens when he decides she's his and is dermined to have her. All she knows is he is her new worst nightmare, while he slowly slowly starts to follow, stock and scare her and oddly start to care for her, but can't express it in any good way. (One Direction not famous)


15. 15. Just Give Me a Minute

Once we were done we went back to Zayns, “Sit” he instructed me as I did moving my backpack to the side. “This attitude has to leave, understand?” I nodded my head to him. “Good” he then sat beside me as he rubbed his hands together. “What do you want to do?” he asked as I sat there. “You invited me” I told him as he nodded his head. “Well since it’s up to me, Marisa kiss me” I sighed. “Zayn I don’t feel” he then cut me off with a kiss. “Kiss back” he yelled as I did what I was told. “Now you’re learning” he laughed as he slipped his tongue in my mouth.

I continued to kiss back as he gripped my waist tight. “Zayn” I spook as he wouldn’t let go. He smashed his lips to mine harder as he laid me down on the couch. His grip still on my waist he started to move for my clothes. “Stop, Just give me a minute” I said panting as he slowly got off of me. I sat there angry with Zayn, he knew I didn’t like kissing him and knew I would never consider sex, The feelings I felt toward him, the hatred he found amusing. I moved a bit further away. “I have a lot of homework to do” I told him as he laughed. “Get you bag and we’ll do it together” I shook my head “It’s easier if I do it myself” I protested as he started taking my books out.” We’re doing it together” he stated staring at me.

I began the homework, it was really just studying. “If you want to help, you can quiz me” I told Zayn as he took the sheet. “Gladly” he said as he started asking me the questions. After about a half an hour we were interrupted by the door knock. Thank god I said to myself as Zayn got up and made his way over. “Hey mate” I heard a familiar voice say, it was Niall. “Hey Niall, Vas happening?” I saw him shrug, “Thought I’d hangout” he said making his way in, only to see me on the ground with my books spread out. “Marisa” he said surprised, my jaw dropped as I saw his black eye. “I’ll be a minute” Zayn said making his way to the bathroom.

“Your eye” I said getting up and putting my hand on his face. Niall moved his face as I sighed. “Niall I’m so sorry for ratting you out, I didn’t mean to and I didn’t know he would hurt you, how bad is it?” Niall lifted his shirt to reveal a huge bruise from being kicked. “Oh my god!” I said looking at his side, it looked terrible. “What even happened?” I asked as he took a seat on the ground. “After Louis kicked me multiple times as I laid in the alley he continued to punch me in the face. No one was to know about this gang and he made it clear to me. Trust me I looked a lot worse, there was blood and lots of open cuts.” I sighed “I’m so sorry, I can’t even begin to tell you” Niall nodded.

“It was by mistake.  I didn’t think at all, if I knew he would have done this to you, I would have said it was Zayn” He smiled, “He probably could rock a black eye better than me” I then nodded. “Please forgive me” I asked as he sat there for a moment. “Forgiven” he spoke as he got up and gave me a hug. I sighed in relief as I held his body tighter. “Don’t think your off the hook to though” I told him pulling away as he gave me a strange look.

“I heard you say I was going to be ‘yours’ but Zayn had me first” Niall shook his head. “I’m the only guy in this group who still lives at home, it’s not because I hide things it’s because my mum knows how I’m a good guy. I would never treat you the way those guys treat there girls, I just said it I didn’t mean it I swear. I actually really liked you and with the date… I wouldn’t try to be a jerk for the sake of a dumb group. I know how to treat a lady” I smiled at me. “Really?” I asked calling his bluff, “I swear, I would never do that to any girl, I just said it without thinking. Just trying to impress Louis really.”  I sighed. “Why do you guys make your lives revolve around him, he just a… a bully!” I stated as he laughed. “Who” Zayn said walking out. “No one” I said quickly looking down.

“So what do you wanna do?” Zayn asked Niall, Niall looked at me. “Well I brought some things, but we don’t need to do them in front of a lady.” I knew he had alcohol or drugs on him. “She won’t care” Zayn said walking towards us. Niall pulled out a big ‘everclear’ bottle, the strongest alcohol. I never been into any of that stuff and I could tell Niall knew that. “Nice man” Zayn said going to grab a bottle to pour some in.

“Zayn I need to get going” I told him as he looked at me. “No way, party with us” he said grabbing another bottle. “I really don’t want to” I said packing up my things. “Marisa, You are staying” he said as I looked to Niall for help. “Mate I’m not sure she’s into drinking” Zayn shrugged, “She can be” he said walking over as I moved away. “Please Zayn” I begged as I put my bag on my shoulders. “Just this once, Bet you’re a buzzkill anyway” he stated as I quickly made my way outside of the house. I began walking home until I ran into Harry on the sidewalk.

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