Toxic Tutoring

When Gabriella Martinez, being the clumsy dork she is, accidentally injures the school's most popular jock, she has been ordered to assist him with his school work every afternoon as a repayment. It's obvious that Colton, in all his teenage hotness, has got Gabriella's attention.


1. Introduction

Gabriella's POV

I shall begin this tale by giving a small introduction of myself. I'm a classic nerd I guess. I have the full geeky attire and I don't even know it. Basically, I am what you call non-existent in the high school world and I prefer to keep it that way until my death. But of course as I am a girl, I have this instinct to feel emotions over boys and there's this one boy I just can't get over. Look, let me just say it: He is hot. A non-hot boy stares at you relentlessly and it is, at best, awkward, and at worst, a form of assault. But a hot boy... well, that's a different story. His name is Colton Diaz, who is completely out of my league, if I even have one that is, and as of all the other girls in my grade I can't help but get excited at his very existence. Okay, I take it that you get the point.

Minutes later at school

I arrived at school on my cherry red bike, parking it on the bike rack and walking in. I stayed in my zone, well that's what I call it at least. I have a non-existent schedule in my head to tell me how to avoid anyone that could cause me trouble and it has not failed me yet. I continued my way to where my locker was located, near the restrooms, my luck right? hint the sarcasm. When I reached my locker I did my code, collecting my books. I felt a tap on my shoulder and being the frightened-of-everything girl I am, I jumped, but just the smallest jump. I turned to see my best friend Felicity and as we are the clichè kind of buddies, she is completely opposite to me. She was parties, boys, freedom while I was studying, homework, anti-socialness. I call my kind, antisocial butterflies. 

"Hey!" she chimed cheerfully, sometimes it secretly annoys me how perky she can be.

"Hey." I said briefly, giving a small smile.

"Guess what?" she almost yelled, practically injuring my eardrums.

"guesses what" I say as if it was an action. She began to go on about a recent party she had gone to and how I should have gone because apparently as of every party she goes to, there was the 'perfect guy for me'. She's always trying to hook me up when I constantly tell her I don't really like to date. 

"I told like 7 guys about you, they're totally interested!" she clapped her hands ever so enthusiastically 

She was interrupted by the alarming bell that meant we had to go to class. I walked down to my first class, science. I couldn't help but think about the stupid dates I'd be forced to go to because of Felicity. My thoughts were interrupted by me and another figure colliding, plunging down the stairs. As I look up I am almost about to die of a mixture of shock and embarrassment, it was Colton. Fudge! I almost curse. I'm just glad no-one was there to witness my humiliation, Such a clichè moment, sigh.  I'm in trouble, I'm so damn clichè, see that word just wears me out! How did I do this?! My schedule specifically says he wouldn't go this way! 

"I'm so sorry, Colton!" I practically shout. I begin to panic, my palms were nervously sweating. I sigh in relief as he sits up, although he got more damage than I did, that's for sure. I pretty much used him as a pillow. I watch him as he rubs his head, his eyes were shut closed still affected by the pain. He finally opens his eyes and looks at me.

"Sh*t" he cussed. 

"Sorry.. Do you need the nurse? Ice-pack?" I ask him several questions. I quickly checked my watch for the time, I realised I was late for science. damn it. 

As a response he falls back. I panic even more. I ran to the nurse's office basically demanding her to come help and before I knew it, I was in the principal's office.

"Mr. Matthews, I assure you I didn't intentionally do it." I explain, hoping that he would understand.

"Look, Genivive-" he said with a calm tone.

"Gabriella.." I interrupt him, correcting his mistake.

"Gabriella" He says, nodding his head continuing. "I believe you and I know you wouldn't do anything like this, but when we checked the security camera's it did seem like you did it on purpose and of course I am told to give you a punishment." he explains. I nod nervously of what the punishment could be. 

"I have discussed with his parents a reasonable punishment for you instead of payment. His mother has been complaining that his grades aren't very well and I know very well that you are a straight A+ student, so we have agreed that you are going to tutor Colton until further notice." he finished. I nod, speechless. It wasn't that bad, especially considering I honestly don't have anything better to do.

Oh gosh, this will be fun.


Hi! sorry that this is short, I hope you like it :) It's sort of a repayment for me not being on for such a long time haha.


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